Nintendo Labo - Piano Toy-Con lets you draw your own sine graph for pitch-shifting

Out of all the Nintendo Labo Toy-Cons we've seen so far, it seems the piano might be the most sophisticated. There's lot of fancy stuff going on inside with the Toy-Con itself and the use of the Joy-Con IR camera to create sound through key presses. The mechanics seem pretty deep, and now we know you can take things even further with your own drawings.

With the piano Toy-Con, you'll be able to draw and cut out your own sine graph. You can thank slot it into the piano, then hold down a key for the IR camera to read what you've drawn. This will then adjust the note pitch for a different type of sound. I cannot wait to see what people come up with for this!

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Can someone explain how they think this in a little more detail?

From what I understand is depending on what kind of pattern you draw onto a piece of cardboard that slots into the top of the piano will change the way each note sounds when read by the I.R. camera. So a straight line will sound different than a wavy line.
Someone can (will) correct me if I am wrong, though.

I'm getting the feeling this stuff is a lot more technically advanced than most people first thought.

Since all sound is just vibration, you can change the "type" of sound by changing the shape of the curve that the speaker vibrates with. https://youtu.be/VRD9Uj2YTBk?t=44s

Basically, I believe this is saying you can create your own synth noises by cutting them out of cardboard?

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