GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 649

I know we've talked about a lot of weird things on the podcast, but I never thought we'd have a show where the main point of discussion was cardboard! Let's jump in, shall we?

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Sun Jan 21 18 03:29pm
Rating: 3

I'm TOTALLY getting the name right next week!

It's all about the cardboard and Labogate this week. :D

RMC has trouble pronouncing your name Smile

If he reads this it’s; Shlig-awk_Air-ah

I noticed that in last weeks episode. He said it himself that he'd know idea how to say it and he asked Kirby I think it was how to say it and he slaughtered it as well. I've only got through half of this weeks episode so far, don't know if he tried it again this week. You have the pronuciation perfect. It's kind of funny. RMC with his Irish surname(Cassidy), I wonder does he realise it's Irish.

Sun Jan 21 18 03:29pm
Rating: 3

I'm TOTALLY getting the name right next week!

Bonus Info;

It translates to SLIGO_IRELAND

A county in the west of Ireland Smile

Btw, the story about Mom Brain sending an alert and the cops showing up and you answering the door had be laughing so hard! So damn funny Smile

You're not the first and you won't be the last to mispronounce it. It's completely understandable. It's made all the more difficult being in Irish. I left out the fada on Éire(for typing purposes), I thought people had a hard enough time as it was and it's my NNID. :D

Mon Jan 22 18 12:42am
Rating: 1

The couple of first times he had to say mine, RMC had trouble pronouncing it too, but strangely, he seems to get it better recently... I don't remember correcting him... Maybe it's just he got more confident and hesitate less.. :3
But yeah, I didn't know how to say yours too, and I'm happy to know now. Smile

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