Switch currently outpacing Wii, PS4 sales worldwide

The success train keeps rolling on. The Switch is having an insanely amazing first year, but as Nintendo has said, the second year is absolutely crucial to the system's long legs. Let's hope the system keeps finding success and bringing joy to consumers the world over.

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Wed Jan 31 18 03:37pm
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the second year is absolutely crucial to the system's long legs.

Cardboards. Maybe Pokemon. More booty for sure.

They need more new games not just remakes and old franchises. Labo is the only chance I see right now that can keep the momentom going. No other games announced for this year can help very much. But last years games will keep selling too of course Smile

That is so not going to last. This year unless there are massive surprises at E3, is going to pale big time compared to last year. They saved up their games of a generation at the very least for the Switch launch, now what?

They need a new AAA E-T rated title at least once a quarter. But I don't see any of that right now. No Mario Maker. No Smash Bros. No Pikmin 4. No Pokémon. Let the drought begin.. Sad

Wed Jan 31 18 07:28pm
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People were saying that prior to the Direct into E3 as well. This is January, we knew of a few "maybe games" and Zelda by this point last year.

So many complains about "there's no games for this year" just a month in, yet people forget that the same was said about Switch's 2017 after the January conference.
Nintendo has been announcing things just a few months before release for the last couple of years, so I don't get the doom and gloom.
Let them put their cards on the table first before assuming we already know what's in store.

Wed Jan 31 18 07:21pm
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Word. January 2017 we knew nothing of Mario + Rabbids, Doom and a host of other games. Plus, everyone presumed that games announced for 2017 would get delayed to 2018 (Xenoblade)

How 'bout everyone keeps their pants on, don't freak out, quit being so cynical and play some games? It's a sure thing that you haven't even played all the good games from 2017 yet

Wed Jan 31 18 07:37pm
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So after one year's worth of phenomenal success, are we now expectant of how next year should go by Nintendo laying out 2018 plans in its entirety and beyond in January? We that entitled now?

They still have an estimated 4 Directs and E3 to pursue what is coming to us throughout '18 and some beyond. Or else we'll have the same mantra of "OLD NEWS! NINTENDO HAS NOTHING PASSED CURRENT YEAR!" starting by March if they kept this up.

Switch and chill, guys. We already have one game a month average from January to April already confirmed from Nintendo. We're likely to see a fuller, more traditional Direct within that time frame, you'd be idiotic to assume otherwise.

More games and that's all there is to them.


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