Wonderball Mario coins seeing release stateside

- 18 different coins
- $1-$3 a box
- first time seeing release in the U.S.

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Tags: mario


How are the kinder joy chocolate eggs with a prize inside illegal in the USA, but these aren't? These look like the same thing.

Tue Feb 13 18 07:20pm
Rating: 1

Kinder Joy and Wonder Ball are no longer illegal here. Finally. They changed there packaging due to choking children years ago, but bureaucracy is slow.

Oh, that's really good to know. Took them long enough to legalize them again, though. But better late than never.

I have such fond memories of Kinder Surprise eggs. In fact, they're the first purchase I made with my own money

<Insert chocolate salty balls joke here>

I just need that Waluigi coin. :3

where do i throw my money to get these?

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