Starbreeze explains why PAYDAY 2 on Switch isn't the most up-to-date version, content updates planned

Yesterday we covered some news about PAYDAY 2 that left fans a bit unhappy. Turns out the Switch version of the game isn't up-to-speed with the content on other platforms, and people were wondering why that is. Today Starbreeze has explained the situation, and made sure to let people know content updates are coming.

“Payday 2 is releasing on Switch with content up to and including the ‘Most Wanted’ update, which is equivalent to the content released through mid-2017 on PC. PS4 and Xbox One received one additional update after that, the ‘Master Plan’ update, which released near the end of 2017. So Switch is one update behind other consoles, which are slightly behind PC.

The reasoning for the Switch content: we’re making continuous updates to a game that’s turning 5 years old this year, and to get the game out in early 2018 on Switch meant that our team had to go with the content ported and available at the time of console submission. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are now almost up to par with PC content, and Switch is close behind those versions. There are future content updates planned for Switch, as well.”

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This makes some sense -- that for a game that is constantly evolving, you have to "freeze" updates to make a new version. It is just hoped that all the updates make their way to Switch eventually.

Wed Feb 21 18 03:33pm
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It sounds fiiine. Getting the timed exclusive character makes sense now, it's sorta a mea culpa.
Hopefully they do bring it up to speed, I have some confidence here.

Wed Feb 21 18 09:03pm
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Look into their treatment of this title on other consoles to realize what are you getting into. The other versions were left in the dust while they updated the PC build, micro transactions, loot boxes, etc. Disgusting treatment of their fans and the user base.

My advice is to wait until the promised update actually happens before buying in.

fair enough, was gonna be my choice regardless, I'm swamped with things to catch up on.

"There are future content updates planned for Switch, as well.” Does this mean will eventually get all of the updates? I sounds like they are working towards getting all of the consoles caught up with the PC version, but they are trying not to actually confirm that that is what they are going to do.

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