GoNintendo Podcast Webisode 655

The legend of WEAAAGH!

Mom Brain returns for the podcast this week, which means that we get some music trivia! We also celebrate the Switch's one-year anniversary. Can you believe it's been that long!?

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With all the different sensors in the Joy-Con, a WarioWare game could be a lot of fun. You could get a traditional button-control stage, motion control stage, gyro, IR camera, HD rumble, even a stage with 2-player co-op minigames for spilt Joy-Con play. Working out what to do and co-ordinating it with a friend in the span of a few seconds would be absolutely hilarious.

I agree. A fantastic follow up to Smooth Moves on Switch would be a day one purchase for my family. That WarioWare on Wii was one of the best purchases of all time: literally one of the best values for the money ever and I still play it eleven years later. A solid sequel (*NOT* Game & Wario, which was brutally disappointing) on Switch would be the best news ever.

Depending on the fidelity of the IR camera, they could even have a stage in which you do everything with your face.

Sat Mar 03 18 11:07pm
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One year since the Nintendo Switch was released? ...is it coincidence that I managed to snag the only SNES mini at my local Walmart yesterday night? Or some kind of fate?!

That was because of me. You're welcome.

Sun Mar 04 18 02:52am
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Hmm... maybe you're right strange person who I have never met in person... maybe you're right...

It's funny... there were so many things working against this happening.
1) I didn't want to go shopping because...
2) the only reason I went shopping in the first place was for one thing--dishwasher cleaning tablets--which...
3) I could have gotten at the Giant Eagle I normally go shopping at, but I went to Walmart instead because it was quicker and easier to get there...

Good thing I stole your dishwasher tablets.

Good thing I stole your dishwasher tablets.

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