Dad cooks up prank to get back at his daughter for cheating at Mario Kart

I'm not going to say anything specific about this prank, as I don't want to ruin it. I'll just assure you that it's Nintendo related. Now watch and enjoy!

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Wearing one of those rad Champion sweatshirts RMC mentioned in a recent podcast 😂

Tue Mar 13 18 11:12pm
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Cool that she was able to laugh after that. The way her voice was trembling at the start was... uh. I... don't think I would have liked that prank.

I don't know how I would react, but she seemed to take it very well as she was able to laugh the very moment she realized it was a prank. And then of course the intense happiness after getting the real letter

Yeah, but the shaking of her voice made me fear this wouldn't end that well. I command her for that. She had the right sense of humor for that prank, lot of people wouldn't.

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