SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~ producer teases surprises for the roster

Think you know all the characters that will be included in SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~? Well think again, as Producer Yasuyuki Oda told HoneysAnime that there are going to be some surprises thrown into the mix.

We plan to have some characters that will surprise people when joining the cast.

Time to start listing your dream characters for the game. Hopefully some of them will make the cut!

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The biggest surprise of all: a male character.

Wed Mar 14 18 07:55am
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Yes please, he's a real cutie.

There was a male in the first one, so wouldn't really be all that surprised.

Unless it's one of the girls transitioned into a male!

Tue Mar 13 18 07:10pm
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I'm hoping for Fio and Eri from Metal Slug.

"Time to start listing your dream characters for the game."

Helen, Linda, Jenny, and Barbie from Metal Slug 3.

Aww, yeah.

Tue Mar 13 18 08:39pm
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Geralt Of Rivia confirmed

SURPRISE!!! They're paid DLC!!!

If true, screw that! (I wish DLC would disappear altogether.)
Also, Iori/Miss X would not be a surprise.

Fighting games were always and investment, it's just now it's also monetary. Like a toy set with certain figures sold separately.

I suppose we're on the point of no return. I wonder if something like the character rotation in KI would be a good idea to take, letting players with the base game try a character, since that's the catch, you can like a character by how it looks, but you only know if you're gonna play as that character until you try it.

Then again, fighting games are iterative and one CAN ALWAYS wait for the latest version with the biggest base roster.

Wed Mar 14 18 12:53am
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It's things like DLC that's pushing me further and further away from video games. I don't buy as many as I used to, because I'm losing interest. It's not so fun to know that the $60 product you have doesn't have everything, especially when developers talk of DLC , weather it's individual DLC, DLC packs, microtransactions, pre-order "bonuses", or passes, well before the game is finished or any time afterward. People have quickly accepted this way of doing business, and fanboys will kiss ass and support any thing their video game gods chooses to do for our money. It's disgusting and I hate it!

Maybe a good ol' worldwide video game crash is in order. I'll be fine with my backlog of old games, or newer games that's at least feature-complete before being tested and released, which many don't seem to be anymore. Hopefully, after the crash, the good video game companies and franchises will survive through it all. The others, hopefully, will start over, smarten up, and do things right.

I don't want new plans on how to distribute or introduce DLC or any other new, evil business model being used. I just want this crap completely gone.



I mean, it's a case per case basis. Smash 4 had the biggest roster of any Smash before the DLC. Blazblue has been rereleased like 5 times and each version has had it's own DLC characters. Killer Instinct built itself through micropayments and after getting a good chunk of content made it released as a full game. Street Fighter V started very barebones and had to rerelease to recover a bit of momentum.

IMO it really depends of what you want. You can play a fighting game early or (in most cases) wait for a better deal. That has been present since Street Fighter 2 which had like 4 versions, tweaking the game, adding characters and even reworking the art years later. Mario Kart like many have said, is a good example of DLC because even without it, the game is perfectly serviceable (though it had a rerelease expanding a weak mode in the original release #NOTDLC).

I'm assuming he is referring to a guest character.

Yes, but it could mean from another SNK license.

Metal Slug
WakuWaku 7
Search and Destroy

Would be surprised if a Nintendo character gets in there. The question would be which one.

Yeah, but another SNK character wouldn't be that surprising. The guest character doesn't even have to be from Nintendo. It could be a character from another fighting game like Street Fighter or Tekken. Or maybe some anime character?

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