Splatoon 2 - more details on X Rank and how weapons/maps will be handled

Current rank percentages for players in Splatoon 2

Rank S+10 to S+50: 1%
Rank S+ to Rank S+9: 6.6%
Rank S: 5.4%
Rank A- to Rank A+: 21.4%
Rank B- to B+: 33.6%
Rank C- to C+: 32%

- if you’re already Rank S+10 or above, you will be automatically promoted to Rank X when the Ver. 3.0.0 goes live
- if you’re not Rank S+10, you will be able to climb to Rank X by going up a rank from Rank S+9
- Rank X uses X Power, instead of the usual Rank meter
- only players with as close X Power as possible will be matched together
- every month, the SplatNet 2 app will display the Top 500 Rank X players for each one of the 4 modes
- the app will also show what weapons Rank X players use the most
- when those rankings are published, X Power will be “measured”
- players who are below a certain threshold will be demoted to Rank S+9
- if your X Power drops to a level below the monthly threshold, you may be demoted to Rank S+9 before the monthly reset
- first Rank X reset is scheduled for May 31st at 5PM PDT / 8PM EDT (North America),

New weapons and maps

- from Ver. 3.0.0 onwards, several new weapons will be added at the same time at the beginning of the month
- a new stage will also be added at the same time as the X Power reset every month
- stages for each rule will be selected from a pool of only 8 stages
- this makes it more likely for a given stage to appear in a given Rule
- the pool of stages for each rule will be changed once a month, at the same time as the Rank X reset
- this specific change will not apply to Regular Battle and League Battle, where all stages will still be in rotation

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Wed Mar 14 18 11:24am
(Updated 1 time)

...So you get to play on fewer stages when you reach the elite Rank X? Really odd choice.

Wed Mar 14 18 12:11pm
(Updated 1 time)

a neat way to get a better matchmaking
no chance I'll even get close so ..
well still why even care about 1% (of any group in life)

it sounds a bit silly to limit the four modes of ranked battle to 8 maps a month but maybe it will somehow offer more variety .
I know everytime there's a new map it's always fun to play over it with the different modes

8 maps per rank mode, so in theory there could be 32 maps per month. There are only 20 maps so there will be some overlap.

Wed Mar 14 18 03:02pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Yeah I don't have enough time to get to rank x. It's way too tedious, but have fun to everyone else who doesn't mind getting to rank x.

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