Famitsu poll finds that 54% of Switch owners plan to pay for Switch's online service

Nintendo's paid online service for the Switch is coming out later this year, and it seems a healthy amount of Switch owners in Japan are ready to pay up. According to a Famitsu poll, 54.7% of respondents are going to sign up for the service when it becomes available. Furthermore, another 36% are undecided on the matter, which means they might transition to paid when they see what the service offers.

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I'm going to invest regardless because I can handle the $20 a year, but I certainly hope they have stable online for Smash in particular and whatever else they happen to offer.

Wed Mar 14 18 11:22pm
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The way I see it, the service doesn't need to offer anything beyond the ability to connect online, because $20/yr. is a perfectly fair price to charge people using those servers to keep them up and running, especially when you consider how much more people pay phone companies *each month* to keep their phones connected. Of course, once they charge, however much it may be, they have the obligation to provide a service worth paying for; customers are entitled to stability.

True, I do strongly agree with that. I know a lot of people have had issue with Mario Kart 8, and fans won't be thrilled if they're paying for online and Smash's servers are still unstable like they have been in the past.

However they're still pushing the library of classic games for paid users, which I hope we still get to see. But tbh, if they changed that and even just made it so these VC games were discounted for paid members I'd still be on board.

I'll be there day 1, it already seems like the most reasonably priced online service. I wish they had a "family" plan though for households with multiple Switches.

Yeah, this. I have (6) switch players in my household. We all have our own Nintendo Accounts. Nintendo hasn’t got a prayer that’s we’re all individually signing up for online. And yet, we would all use it. What a conundrum.

In this problem now myself. We have 3 Switch systems (mine, and my 2 daughters), and I'll have to pay for 3 online accounts so we can all play Minecraft online with their Xbox and PC friends (once that darn Better Together update comes out!!!). That and Mario Kart online matches together. This could get expensive, and I didn't think about that from the beginning. lol

I'm interested to hear more about the service before jumping aboard.

This is rather high for Japan. Less then 50% of ps4 owners have ps plus and less then 10% of Xbox one owners have live.

You need to take into account that this is a poll for Famitsu readers. So gamers. The percentage is naturally higher than the real one will be.

Right now I won't pay for online because I don't play online that much but hey, if Nintendo can impress me with other services that come with it than I might do it. 20 is really cheap.


I don't want to pay, but I need to play Splatoon 2 and ARMS

I will if they add cloud saves and voice chat without having to use your smartphone. Without these features, Nintendo would be failing to do the bare minimum in 2018.

I am very, very curious as to what they will fo with this. They delayed it, which can be a good sign. They can be testing it and looking into what to add. I do hooe they:

-drop the silly chat app. That should only be used whrn inbhansheld mide and your out and about. At least have another option.

-VC with LOADS of games. From Game and Watch ti at least GC

- I don't mind if they have a rental thing like on the other systems, but let me purchase my games to keep them.

-most of all though: surpise us with something very Nintendo. Make it unique as Hell but still for modern times =]

I wish I didn't have to pay, but I don't want to be left out of multiplayer games.
I really do hope what they offer for the service will lessen the sting, as well as bring a more stable experience overall.

So long as it remains at the comparably low price that it was announced, I will pay it. I don't want to, but I will.

I don't play online that often so until I see more about what it offers, I'm not sure I will

Wed Mar 14 18 10:06pm
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I'll pay it even though I'm 95% sure it's gonna be complete garbage. But I'll need it to play Mario Tennis Aces, Smash Bros., Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, Bayonetta 2, Dark Souls, Pokken Tournament DX, ARMS, Rocket League, Doom, Payday 2, Revelations 1 +2, and countless other multiplayer games...

I don't want to pay for a half-assed effort, no matter what price it is. But I love Splatoon 2 and that's an online multiplayer focused game, so I'll probably end up subscribing regardless.

I hope I don't need the subscription to buy games digitally...

Of course not. No one I know of does that. Read the source link. The info is there.

Thu Mar 15 18 01:21pm
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What about Sony and Microsoft?

Also, only if you subscribe, you can access vc games which is already worrying...

Sony and microsoft both have stores that non-paying members can access. They would be losing money if they locked players out of their store.

Also they won't lock VC games behind paid online, you're getting mixed messages. They've stated that they plan to give paid users some sort of free classic games, but not that they are the ONLY ones able to get it.

Thu Mar 15 18 03:35pm
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You don't need gold or ps+ to buy digital titles.

"Traditional" VC is a separate matter entirely, but I tend to agree with Yomaru.

Still going to say no to Nintendo's Online Tax... Sucks for the competitors' versions, and it has good chances of sucking here too.


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