Zelda: Breath of the Wild has won 189 "Game of the Year" awards in total

We all know that Zelda: Breath of the Wild has won a ton of awards, but how many has it specifically won for the Game of the Year category? When you tally everything up, Link's latest adventure has taken home 189 individual Game of the Year awards. As impressive as that is, it's not the most GotY awards a game has ever gotten. That honor goes to Witcher 3, which has won 257 GotY awards.


I award BOTW to be my Game of the Year 2017 - sorry I’m so late with the announcement.

Now can 68 additional GN readers please do the same so BOTW can break the record Smile

Thu Mar 22 18 04:39pm
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I would if Xenoblade 2 didn't release last year :p

It deserves every single one of them. The game is a Phenom.

I agree, the game is definitely special. ^_^

Some people seem to think this game doesn't deserve GotY...
C'mon, 189 awards must mean this game did something right! haha

Fri Mar 23 18 04:45am
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Quite some things I'd say indeed. There is just no way I'd give it a 100/100..


This game represents a new era for gaming like Ocarina Of Time did before it. How funny that it took Nintendo to beat the standard they themselves set.

When you’re the best only you can beat the best Smile

And here I am, the party pooper(?) among all the people who blindly praise the game

Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean people that do are “blindly praising” you don’t have to like it. don’t take away people’s joy because they Like something.

Thu Mar 22 18 08:42pm
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You're making some hefty assumptions here. First and foremost, I love the game.

But you can't say that saying the game is absolutely perfect and needs to have every reward isn't at least a little blind

Your other assumption is that I am taking people's joy away. I never said people aren't allowed to like things, either. So please take your presumptuous attitude elsewhere

It's just very silly that when I had just finished a post about how I love the game and explaining my position in detail, that the next time I gloss over the details a bit, somebody comes along and fills in the gaps with their own defensive preconceived notions.
Nota bene: I am not blaming you for not having seen my other detailed post, but you have to understand that your defense here is entirely irksome when it misses the mark by that much

Your other assumption is that I am taking people's joy away. I never said people aren't allowed to like things, either. So please take your presumptuous attitude elsewhere

You do realize you called yourself a party pooper, which, by definition, is someone who ruins everyone else's enjoyment of something, right? Putting a question mark after the term doesn't change that that's how, by your own volition, you chose to label yourself as.

Thu Mar 22 18 11:32pm
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I was being ironic/facetious, naturally. I don't think I am being a party pooper. I mean, why would I honestly be a party pooper for only stating my opinion. And if you seriously think my opinion sullies or ruins yours or anyone else's, then that is on you and/or them, not on me

I added the question mark because people might actually consider me a party pooper. And hey, here we are, and at least two people seem to think I am exactly that

haha I guess you were kinda asking for these reactions with your first comment. Nothing wrong with your opinion, but when you're not filling the gaps others will. You did create quite a gap to begin with. A bit more explanation to start with could have brought different and also more interesting responses for you.

Fri Mar 23 18 08:22am
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Not really. An adequate response would be a question to ask for more information instead of making assumptions. That seems more like the proper thing to do.

Besides, I had just explained my whole stance in literally a few articles back about the exact same subject with how BotW received a multitude of rewards. Surely people who feel as passionate about this subject as to have such strong responses to literally one line would also have seen that article, yes?

Again, I don't blame people for not having seen that artcle, but I do blame people for just making assumptions instead of either asking me or looking into it.

Really, I was just sketching a slightly humorous (to me anyway) picture of one guy who doesn't agree with the multitude of rewards among a sea of people who agree with every single one of them and more. It wasn't my intention to have this to be taken seriously, and I had hoped terms like "party pooper" had a facetious connotation enough to make that clear.
That isn't to say I don't want to have a serious discussion. (I mean, I think I'm having a pretty serious conversation about it right now with 3 people.) But...
A) I already had a serious discussion and only wanted to have a small comment this time around
B) I take issue with the fact people make such presumptions and are acting very defensive

This really is the case of a small innocent comment being misinterpreted wildly and it spiraling out of control

Fri Mar 23 18 04:53pm
(Updated 1 time)

I gave this some more thought. You aren't wrong in the sense that if I hadn't made a joke and instead made just as serious a post as I did a few articles back, I wouldn't have gotten responses like this, most likely. Seems like I ruffled quite some feathers with what was supposed to be an innocent comment.

However, I do still stand by my other reply to you. I think I should be able to make a joke like this without people tripping over it this much, especially since it was never my intention to offend people. Sadly, that's apparently not how things are here on GoNintendo, and instead they just assume the worst

Fri Mar 23 18 10:06am
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You started the assumptions saying “all the people who blindly praise the game”.

If you back through my comment history you’ll find me expressing faults I had with the game. Doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s fantastic and undeserving of all the praise.

Very few people consider it “perfect”. No game is perfect.

Fri Mar 23 18 11:42am
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When people say it's deserving of all the rewards, then wouldn't that mean they consider it perfect? If its flawed, then it wouldn't deserve all the rewards, right?

That was my logic, and at the time I didn't consider it presumptuous. I definitely at least didn't intend for that, anyhow. Can you explain how one can consider a game flawed but at the same time deserving of all rewards?

No. It doesn’t make it perfect. Does that mean every GOTY is considered “perfect” and without flaws? In your opinion what is your best game of the last year? Do you consider than game perfect?

Like I said - no game is perfect. If a game was perfect then the video game industry stops and we’ll never need to play any more games. Why bother - we’ve reached the pinaccle and can’t exceed that.

Everything has flaws. Having flaws doesn’t make something bad.

As I posted on a previous story.

I think weapons break too easy. Not being able to use the master sword unless it’s shiny is dumb. The divine beasts I enjoyed but their bosses were repedative. I missed unique items but the runes were a nice compromise and fun to play with.
Those are some of the faults I have with the game but it doesn’t stop me enjoying the game immensely and considering it one of the best games I’ve ever played (in my 30 years of gaming)

Fri Mar 23 18 02:02pm
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But there's a difference between thinking it deserves an award (or some awards), and all awards. I also think it deserves some awards, in fact. All of them, though? Definitely not. It's not perfect, after all.

It hasn’t won all awards.

But it has won a lot of them already, and yet there are people who want it to win even more awards. Heck, the very first comment by you is that very comment that asks for more awards.

And if you say it's facetious, so was my first comment, yet I am catching a lot of flak for it so far

I would welcome it to win more awards. All if it could. Still doesn’t make it a perfect game but doesn’t make it undeserving of all awards in my opinion.

If an athlete wins a record breaking number of gold medals at the olympics should we say “ah that’s enough now, let’s give one to someone else”?

If you feel there is a better game than BOTW that’s fine. If you feel it doesn’t deserve accolades that’s fine too. Whatever your opinion on the game is, that’s fine.

But what I don’t think is ok is to say it shouldn’t get accolades because it already has enough.

Your “party pooper” phrase was obviously facetious but your “blind praise” phrase was clearly not.

Fri Mar 23 18 04:45pm
(Updated 8 times)

Actually, yes, if an athlete starts getting all the gold medals at the olympics, then that would be very weird and unprecedented and very deserving of an investigation, because there's likely foul play at hand. (Matchfixing, sabotage, bias/bribery if it's a judged sport, etc.)

Besides, you can't really compare an olympic sport to a game. Olympic sports, for the most part, are an objective measurement of a performance. For example, speed skating is simply the person who is the fastest. For game awards, it's strongly subjective. Saying a game is deserving of a reward is largely an opinion and can differ from person to person, whereas you can't say "I think Athlete B should've won the award" despite him being 2 seconds slower than Athlete A.

(And yes, there are olympic sports that are judged, but even for judged olympic sports, there are very strict guidelines for how an athlete should be judged, and they try to eliminate bias and human judging error as much as possible by eliminating the highest and lowest judged score, all so it can remain as objective as possible instead of being a subjective opinion of an athlete's performance.)

But what I don’t think is ok is to say it shouldn’t get accolades because it already has enough.
Whew. Good thing I never said that then

Your “party pooper” phrase was obviously facetious but your “blind praise” phrase was clearly not.
Are you saying I just switched tones mid-sentence? And who are you to decide what my tone was?

Seriously, can you just drop this already? I made a facetious comment that in no way was supposed to rile people up like this and I am getting tired of this discussion where I am constantly getting blamed for things I didn't really do

EDIT: I'll make it easy. I'm going to drop the discussion myself right here.
I just made an innocent joke and I already spent way too much time trying to explain the intents of my original comment. If people still take offense to it at this point, then it's beyond helping, since I really did all I could do at this point

And I just know that you're going to take this opportunity to put words in my mouth and have the final say in things. People never ever can resist that when the other party drops the discussion.

EDIT2: Yep, there it is. Well done

Fri Mar 23 18 05:17pm
(Updated 1 time)

I’m not getting riled up. And certainly not offended. Why do people think debate, disagreement or difference of opinion equals offense? I’m trying to have a discussion and have been quite calm and civil and try understand the narrative that I’ve increasingly seen about “perfect” games, 10/10 rated games, GOTY awarded games and the debate that because a game has flaws it can’t or shouldn’t be awarded a 10/10 score or a GOTY award.

I figured you’d point to many Olympic sports being objective rather than subjective but you can award praise to a video game based on objective or technical aspects too.

Whew. Good thing I never said that then

You have. You might not have used the exact words I printed but you have made comments supporting that.

I also think it deserves some awards, in fact. All of them, though? Definitely not.

Anyways you haven’t been able to articulate, to me at least, why you have a problem with BOTW, or any game, receiving the high amount of praise and accolades it has. Goodnight.

Fri Mar 23 18 05:30am
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Yeah from the beginning BotW was an impressive game and kept on winning, but was it really completed?



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