Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - file size, preload live in Japan

Nintendo has added Funky Kong to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. One would think the addition of content would make for a larger file size in this Switch re-release, even if it's just a minuscule amount. That's what makes this next bit of into a real head-scratcher. Tropical Freeze took up 11.4GB on Wii U, but the Switch version is just 6.6GB. We have absolutely zero explanation as for why the file size is considerably lower. All we know is that the eShop listing states 6.6GB, and the game is available to preload in Japan right now!

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I would hope that reduction in file size is as a result of code optimisation and not compressing important bits and making it fit on an 8GB cartridge as opposed to a 16GB cartridge for sake of cost. Still, I won't be buying it again, and certainly not when it's a 1/3 of the price on Wii U with no notable improvements.

Probably to get rid of redundant code, it's a trick used on blu-rays to lower load times since BRs arn't really fast at being read in a lot of ways, according to one article I read a -long- time ago.

Also data for error checking redundancy.


So that's why I'm thinking MOST nintendo games *And even others if they bothered to optimize at all* can fit on the smaller cards.

Fri Mar 23 18 04:23am
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Code doesn't nearly take enough space to cause such a big reduction in file size. They definitely aimed to use 8GB cartridges and additionally compressed things. The most likely scenario is that they compressed audio, which is usually what takes up most of the space in modern games.

Ya, I'm thinking they've compressed audio as well.

There's really not much of an incentive to compress and optimize code when an optical disk can hold 0-30GBs of data at the same very low price.

Now, when we're talking about the price difference between an 8GB and 16GB cart, there is an incentive.

They doubled up on the file size on Wii U to reduce loading...

and the loading still SUCKED

Fri Mar 23 18 07:21am
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This game is too Funky for large file sizes.

So I'm guessing they've gone the Rayman Legends route where they shrunk it down to put it on a smaller Switch cart so that they get more profit per retail game sold.


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