Switch getting Shin Den Ai (Nani ga Hoshii no?) ~Eri Kitami~, an adult-focused game, in Japan tomorrow

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Shin Den Ai (Nani ga Hoshii no?) ~Eri Kitami~ is coming to Switch in Japan tomorrow, and it's definitely one of the more unique experiences on the platform. I think it's safe to say this one isn't going to get a localization.

- software to promote adult model Kitami
- you have a selection of costumed lady contacts, each played by Kitami
- choose to call up whoever you’re interested in
- depending on who you pick and what you want, they might text you a pic or a video
- more than 150 texts available
- paid DLC that features additional Eri Kitami characters for 300 yen each, or the complete set of six for 1,000 yen

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Blah! Nah, I will pass.

Does this mean Eri Kitami would be eligible for Super Smash Bros?

Her vs Bayonetta vs Pikachu would be....an interesting thing.

Wed Mar 28 18 05:48pm
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Eri Kitami????? She's my BG and lock screen on my cell.....

I think you guys can guess who's getting this gem! Smile


Wed Mar 28 18 09:39pm
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The way the title is constructed, you can be sure they will release similar games for other actresses if this one is popular enough.

I wonder how far they will even push the adult nature in this game... I just can't imagine it goes particularly far


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