Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi says Nintendo is "researching new console hardware"

Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi was at the BAFTA Games Awards 2018 to represent Nintendo and their nominated games. At the event, Mr. Takahashi had a brief interview with the BBC. Surprisingly, Takahashi let loose with this tidbit about future Nintendo hardware.

Nintendo constantly works on hardware, so we have been doing research and development. So you may see the new system sometime in the future.

I honestly don't know what to make of the statement. It comes out of nowhere, especially when you consider that Takahashi gave this statement as an answer to the question, "Do you think the success of the Switch has come as a surprise?" I mean, his response doesn't make any sense!


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I don't know why this is a surprise to anyone.

Nintendo has stated numerous times that they start R&D on the next system the day the current one is out of the door.

In before the "I'm gonna wait for the Switch 2" comments.

Of couse there will be a Switch 2 at some time. They HAVE to. But, as I have said many a times, I think they will release a home only console, which is compatible with Switch, that is a powerhouse and ca compete in the graphic race also...All alngside the Switch line.

Thu Apr 12 18 08:16pm
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Nintendo has no reason to compete in the graphics arms race anymore.
They've carved their own niche and they should instead continue to innovate and perfect their own thing.
They don't want to make powerhouse systems anymore and the Wii U served as a hard lesson that they can't make grossly underpowered hardware either. Continuing the Switch's approach with middle-of-the-road hardware as they're doing now is a much better proposition.

Thu Apr 12 18 09:08pm
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I get your point adn it is accurate to a degree. BUT! They are indeed need of big 3rd party games, like that or not. And many of those need power machines. Anthem is a great example. But also MH:W. None will go on Switch this time around. And when the inevitable PS5 and Xbox Cloud comes, the Switch 2 might not hold up...If the PS5 has 16 GB RAM, and the Switch 2 comes with a mere 6...We're back. The Switch 2 should have a minimum of 8 GB RAM and Nvidia should go nuts on their chips for it IF they want to compete with the next gen...Which they must since the gaming market is the gaming market. And that's why I predict a new, but very innovative, Nintendo home console in some years aside the Switch 2(3)

EDIT: Bottom line is : They have to close the gap!

I think it's a bit too early to worry about the specs of a system that might not come out until 2022 at earliest.

Which one? PS5 or New Switch 2? Because IF the PS5 actually releases next year (could happen) then Nintendo have to do something to keep up!

Just tested out "The Bunker" BTW... Exciting a game so far.

Thu Apr 12 18 09:54pm
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GAAAAHHHHH.... Damns double posts!!!!!!!

Just wait for the "Screw the Switch 2, I'm still waiting for the NX!" memes...

Switch Pro is probably coming in 2020 with Tegra X2 chip. I hate these mid-gen jumps that the PS4 Pro/One X have started but I see no reason why Nintendo wouldn't do it especially since they have a history doing this with their handheld line. Since Switch is both a home console and handheld and the fact that while Switch is capable of some modern games but it isn't capable with all modern games it's inevitable we get a revision.

I don't know why this is a surprise to anyone.

Nintendo has stated numerous times that they start R&D on the next system the day the current one is out of the door.

Fri Apr 13 18 12:39am
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The surprise come from the fact this answer have no relation to the question actually asked. :O
I think the translator made a mistake somewhere, either when translating the question to Takahashi, or his answer... xD

Thu Apr 12 18 08:12pm
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I don't really see why this would come as a surprise, haven't they mentioned several times in the past that they always start planning the next one right away? It's not like he said it's coming soon, "sometime in the future" could just as well mean 5+ years.

What else is the hardware division supposed to do otherwise.

Bake scrumptious chocolate mint cakes.

Play Pachinko. I hear its a blast! =)

And so the rumor speculations begin.

Switch Pro for 2 or so years time, as well as the inevitable Switch 2.

Let the armchair tech guys on interweb forums [who mostly don't even work in said sector] go nuts! :p

Pls N go green, step out off the tech race and create something fun and good for us and our planet. Also pls find a way to build ahead instead of dropping things every few years and making us switch once again. If there was no stop on building good software, the best Super Nintendo game ever could still be in development. And it could launch with Christmas on an Eco friendly cartridge ; )

I think there might have been a translation issue where Takahashi misunderstood the question.

The basic elements of the question are "your thoughts", "the success of the Switch" and "coming as a surprise".

So he might have understood the question as something like, "What do you think, what surprises do you have in store, after the success of the Switch?"

Fri Apr 13 18 11:13am
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It takes a lot of time to come up with unique ideas. They can't realistically have a console ready if they don't start on the next one right away.

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