Flipnote Studio 3D - DSi Library feature now closed

Another part of Flipnote Studio 3D has now bitten the dust. Nintendo America confirmed the closure of the DSi Library feature in Flipnote Studio 31. The service ended on March 31st, 2018. The Nintendo DSi Library allowed users to download Flipnote creations posted from Flipnote Hatena.

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Sun Apr 15 18 06:55pm
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This is why I don't really trust N anymore when they allow you to share your creations online. I never got to share my Wario Ware DIY game, because they closed down in just a few years. Why? That game is still awesome!

My only SSM level I build hundreds of hours, doesn't get any player encounters either duo to the games ineffective level sharing system. They should have made it so that only one of your levels at a time can be shared in the main game. Now there's just too many to be played..

Closing down SSM comments? Uhm we did I spend hours writing these? Let alone the artwork that was made... O_o Wii's last online features will be shut down the end of the year. To me all this online stuff seems all very temporary.

Seriously I'm enjoying their offline experiences better lately. Just try to get a glimp or get in touch with anyone through Mario Kart, Splatoon, SSB or Animal Crossing, is it even possible? Then why add the feature..? It's a bit an illusion imo >__< And this new online platform we have been forced to Switch to... Is probably not reliable either, it'll shut down before you know, and all your creations will get the boot as well.

So please be creative but don't depend on N's infrastructure, because... Wooosh!


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