Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - fact sheet

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is the follow-up to Monster Hunter Generations, and marks the Monster Hunter series' debut on Nintendo Switch as an exclusive.


And no mention of language options. 😐

All recent Monster Hunter games have included many language options, I don't see this one being different? It'll probably support the same languages as Generations.

Is this game considered a different release from MHXX? If one gets an update, does the other get it too? That's what I'm wondering. Would MHXX get a language pack?

If it's anything like all previous MH games with the exception of World, it'll be a separate release, mostly because of the event gear that's different between Japan and the Western version. They sometimes make other minor changes to the Western version, too.

So no, I don't think MHXX will get a language pack, and there probably won't be online play between MHXX and MHGU either,

There's no explicit confirmation either way (at least that I know), but I'm 99% sure it'll be that way because that's how it's always been with MH games. MHGU is just an expansion to MHGen, after all.

Tue May 22 18 08:18pm
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"Play anywhere!"
This is really a nice feature, right Capcom?

As blase a company as Capcom has been about the Switch...and iffy about their support...I am going to be ALL over this when it comes out. Its really the ONLY game I've cared about Capcom bringing over. This and Skyrim (which I already have) will be downloads...and never leave my Switch. Other games might come and go...but these will always be with me...anywhere and everywhere I want to go!


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