Pokemon Co. special press conference recap: Pokemon Quest on Switch now, Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee in Nov., core RPG in 2019

We have no idea what Nintendo and Pokemon Co. are going to announce, but we're going to cover it as it happens! We'll keep this post updated with the latest info.

- Pokemon GO has been downloaded 800 million times so far
- event will have three announcements: new Game Freak developed game for both Switch and smartphones, new core RPG, and a new device

Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee has been revealed, coming November 16, 2018, includes a new accessory, local 2 Play Co-Op, use the Switch Joy-Con to throw Pokeballs, game can be played using a single Joy-Con.

Third new title announced

- this game will be in the style of X and Y/Sun and Moon


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This is a brilliant strategy:
- Pokémon GO, a mobile game for the absolute casuals.
- The Let's Go! titles, Switch titles, modernized and streamlined re-imagining of the first games with a limited range of Pokémon, easy for new players to get into.
- Pokémon Quest, a more in-depth mobile app as a companion to the other games.
- Finally, the proper Gen VIII installment next year after Let's Go! and Quest has had a good run and lured in new players and Switch owners.

Tue May 29 18 09:12pm
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The thing is 90 minutes long so expect spin-offs until the reveal. Also it seems they might show/talk about the 2019 game (Gen 8!), but this years game is definitely Let's go Pikachu and Eevee.

Edit: THERE IT IS PIKACHU AND EEVEE! Please have Johto.....

Edit 2: They just confirmed Gen 8 for 2019 as well!

Edit 3: No wild pokemon battles confirmed for Let's Go(they are like Pokemon Go's).... also confirmed that the original 150+ some Alola pokemon will be the only ones in the game....... Goodbye Johto.

Tue May 29 18 09:34pm
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Nintendo some years ago were really skeptical to mobile gaming... Now with Dena and the Switch and Pokemon Go it seems like they kinda forgot that part. Interesting though, I'll admit.

Money walks the walk

FFS-Nintendo WAS skeptical OF mobile gaming.
and it's When money talks BS walks.

Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee has me beyond hyped. Was never that into Pokemon but this game looks really good graphically and 2 player co-op! I'm so happy!

Not a gen 8 main pokemon game, but it's a refreshing way for this new generation to experience the kanto region

This is a brilliant strategy:
- Pokémon GO, a mobile game for the absolute casuals.
- The Let's Go! titles, Switch titles, modernized and streamlined re-imagining of the first games with a limited range of Pokémon, easy for new players to get into.
- Pokémon Quest, a more in-depth mobile app as a companion to the other games.
- Finally, the proper Gen VIII installment next year after Let's Go! and Quest has had a good run and lured in new players and Switch owners.

I agree! I've only played two Pokemon games (X and Diamond) and didn't get really far in them for various reasons but Let's Go feels like a fresh brand new start to me. I've never been this excited for a Pokemon game before as it looks a little more simplified and back to the basics while also being in HD and able to play on a big screen which is a big plus to me. I couldn't be happier. The GO integration kinda sucks though as long as it isn't mandatory.

The GO integration is okay because it seems to be just for transferring pokémon from the mobile app to the Switch game. So in other words not mandatory in any way.

I agree wholeheartedly! This is a great way for them to do things this year.

I was worried they were gonna rush Gen 8 and not evolve the "core" franchise in any meaningful way in order to make a 2018 release date. But it not coming until 2019 gives them time to really make something interesting.

Another thought that I had is that by diverging into the "core" and "casual" they can now greatly play with the graphics on the core series as it looks like they are keeping the traditional look with Let's Go, albeit a bit more prettied up.

Pokemon Quest is for Switch actually

It does come to mobile too in the summer.

This is a coup for Nintendo - the game looks really good - very bright and clean. 2 player co-op is a cool development which plays right into their brand for the Switch - and the kids will loose their minds over the PokeBall+!

With this coming before Christmas and Gen 8 on the way next year Nintendo are going to have a mega E3 - and the Switch is going to sell a freakin' ton between now and 2020!

Tue May 29 18 09:51pm
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This is bugging me. I'm a bit Pika'd out these days...but a Pikachu would be more useful to me than an Eevee in a playthrough. Decisions decisions...

Also if they are serious about the "Play your own way"(?) deal then good. I wouldn't want to buy a half-hearted Pokemon remake with gimmicky controls as the sole method. I'll stick to a controller.

You can get pikachu in another way in the Eevee version too. ;)

I'll need to see more now that more info is being released.

"No wild Pokemon battles"... what else isn't in there? Maybe it's like Colosseum. I hope.

And the rumor doubters were wrong yet again. Almost as expected as the news itself.

This (Let's Go Pika/Eevee), doesn't look good to me, at all.
The graphical style is the most bland, uninspired take on their work they could've done with, making it a remake already makes me snore, the whole "let's make it like Pokemon go" is frustrating but I kinda saw it coming.
I hate to be the negative nancy, but this looks really, really bad to me.

Pokemon Quest on the other hand, I can surprisingly get behind, it's essentially the next evolution of the Pokemon Rumble games, bit sad it's a f2p model but I'm sure I'll get some mileage out of it.

Gen 8 coming next year is a little sad it's so far away, but glad it's still coming and the Let's Go trash isn't what we're left with.

Well, count your blessings, at least the Let's Go! games weren't the "Gen 8" equivalents!

My family life is about to get swamped with adverts and requests for a Switch for Christmas by my 6 year old (and his little brother)!

Kimishima has really knocked it out of the park. He's gonna hit that sales estimate of 20 million EASILY with this and Smash coming out this year. Yeah these first 6 months have been painfully drab but god damn does Nintendo not have a hell of a good second half. Feels real good to be a Nintendo fan at the moment I can tell you that.

Tue May 29 18 10:03pm
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-Switch sales are going to explode even more.

-Even more people will get Pokemon Go

-Seems like we actually will get a Star Fox racer.

-Edit: Now the Nintendo E3 Direct gets a tad bit more exciting. More time for non-Pokemon stuff.

I'm glad the Let's Go games aren't the next mainline Pokemon game, because I'm not very interested. I just can't drag myself through Kanto AGAIN. It looks a bit fun to fling a pokeball, but I didn't see enough depth to grab my attention. I'll bet this game is a good one for kids who want the fun of catching Pokemon without all the pesky stats and grinding.

Looking forward to whatever that 2019 game is, though.

My only hope is that Gen 8 has an entirely new engine built from scratch for Switch. "Lets Go" just looks like an HD engine of Gen 7. It looks fine for what is clearly still Gen 7 stuff/a spin-off, but I want to see something better for the first core game on Switch.

According to some rumors, Game Freak might use UE4 for the next main pokemon game. I see it viable, since the last engine they made from scratch almost made the 3ds explode.

Also... The engine from gen 7 was scalable to hd. See some videos of online matches from sun/moon.

I hope that you get to transfer the pokemon from the this spinoff to the core series coming in 2019

Am I the only one who isn't impressed by the visuals?

Gameplay looks good, but hopefully I don't have to use motion controls.

Tue May 29 18 10:29pm
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This looks like shit. Not into it.

Tue May 29 18 10:40pm
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That moment when Mario Tennis looks like it got a bigger budget than Pokémon

This looks pretty cool. I have no interest in Pokemon Go but I'm interested in these Let's Go games.

Today, Nintendo accomplished 3 things:

1: Confusing the consumers

2: Oversaturating the market with too many Pokemon titles

3: Failing to give everyone what they really wanted--A new core entry in the Pokemon franchise on Switch.


Wed May 30 18 12:33am
(Updated 1 time)

1: Not really. This game is aimed at the people who played pokemon go and veterans who want to try something new.
2: Yes, you might be right, but not having a pokemon game this year is a capital sin for nintendo.
3: I'll gladly wait for the main pokemon game to be released next year for Game Freak to polish it better instead of getting an unoptimized mess like gen 7 was.

Nintendo's flooding the market with Pokemon. I guess they haven't noticed Disney destroying the Star Wars franchise by realising too much so near it each other.

They are making billions with Star Wars. The problem with Star Wars isn‘t the amount of stuff they release but the missing concept with the numbered Episodes. 5 years for a new numbered trilogy is absolutely fine. When it comes to Pokemon, I don‘t see too many new releases, especially for the Switch which saw it‘s second Pokemon related release with Pokemon Quest now.

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