Nintendo's Bill Trinen says some Smash Bros. Switch surprises will be held onto for later this year

Bill Trinen, you sneaky devil. You know so much, yet you tease us with tiny tidbits! This time around, Bill is talking about Smash Bros. Switch. We'll know so much more next week, but Bill knows it now! While he wouldn't share any serious details, here's what Bill did offer up during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

“The (Smash Bros. Invitational) tournament is going to be designed to show quite a bit of the game in terms of modes, characters and items, but obviously we won’t show everything and we’re keeping a few surprises for later in the year.”


Travis Touchdown as a playable character?

Thu Jun 07 18 06:57pm
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Who didn't expect this? A game with no release date why would anyone expect every announcement at E3? @_@

Just don't keep us waiting on Simon Belmont, please.

Thu Jun 07 18 07:01pm
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showing off characters and modes gives me high hopes, but I'm glad they're holding onto some secrets, I mean that was a no-brainer.

Thanks Bill, you beautiful bastard

I love surprises! So a sneak preview from March, we will have a sample to snack on for a while, then hopefully an appetizer coming. A main course is the release date.

At the very least they will not be able to hold down any longer if it is an enhaced port or a completely new Smash. (and I say that as someone who would be totally fine with a souped up port)

Thu Jun 07 18 07:25pm
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It will get leaked anyway. Just look at all the leaks of 2018. This year needs diapers...

Like, that it's a Wii U port. ;)

At this stage I doubt it’s a Wii U port in the same way as Mario Kart 8 or Hyrule Warriors. They’re having too much fanfare around it for that.

It’s definitely built from the Wii U game (as is nearly every games “sequel”) but it’ll be the next game. Like what Smash Wii U was to Brawl

Doin' God's work, Bill.

Goddang this is going to be painful.

ARMS characters, please.

I'll happily wait on characters, modes, and extras reveals. Giving Smash 4 pros hands on with the game will be enough to dissect most of the mechanical changes. Fingers crossed for some big changes to shields. Perfect shielding just allows for long, denfensive keep away.

I've only got one word for all of you: "Snake"

I’ve never understood the hype for Smash games and they’re announcements. I mean they’re good games, but very iterative. We can safely expect what a good 80% or more of the game will be. At they’re core they don’t change much.
I see them as being similar to FIFA or Madden in that regard, except Smash isn’t annualised. Mario Kart is the same. I know what I’m getting before I get it. I’ll play the hell out of Smash and Kart and enjoy them very very much. They just never reinvent the wheel for me.

The difference there, and the cause for hype is largely the roster & stages.

It doesn't make a difference what team or people you use in a sports game. In Smash it changes literally everything. Inklings aren't going to play the same as Link or Pikachu. There are people that chare about minimal mechanic changes, but people are mostly looking forward to seeing what new characters are added and if any old ones get updates, which does make a world of difference.

Modes too, because a lot of people are wondering if there will be new gimmick modes, but also if Story Mode or Adventure will come back.

Bill you're a messy man.


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