Snake's butt gets a major downgrade in Smash Bros. Ultimate

Smash Bros. Ultimate is all about new tweaks and adjustments to every character in the Smash Bros. series. Unfortunately for Snake, it seems his tweaks have lead to him having a rather lackluster posterior. There's no doubt about it; Snake's butt is just sad in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hopefully Nintendo can put some junk back in that trunk before the game launches.


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Wed Jun 13 18 04:19pm
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Kimishima is not even out the door and already we are seeing the consequences...

Probably because they want to keep that E10 rating.

Wed Jun 13 18 05:06pm
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It's more CERO's doing. CERO has become a lot more strict about content in games than they used to in Japan. CERO is now equivalent to the ESRB in terms of strictness.

I've heard CERO was why so much content was altered for Super Smash Bros. 4 in that you could no longer get panty shots of the ladies in dresses for example (the ESRB is what forced the Tharja trophy to get cut from 4 in the US).

they also reduced samus's boobies too

Truly the biggest loss ):

Wed Jun 13 18 04:45pm
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Her boobs are definitely better now. They don’t look like they are protruding out like inflated ballons. They look more anatomically correct.

They gotta "fix" Samus's breasts and Snake's butt. Make everybody happy!

Wed Jun 13 18 04:19pm
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Kimishima is not even out the door and already we are seeing the consequences...

I’m genuinely curious if this is actually a thing.

It actually is. This is an actual important aspect of Snake’s features.

Hideo Kojima intentionally designs his characters to be attractive, and sometimes, he flaunts the character’s body features in front of the player.

Snake’s pronounce buttocks does that work. Taking that away and it seems Snake is missing a piece of himself that made him recognizable hahaha.

It just makes sense that a super soldier in excellent shape would have a great butt as well.

Thats so true. I honestly think that part of the switch's success was due to Kimishima, I' m actually worried that the new president of Nintendo was part of the Pokemon company. Some people might get mad at me, but I always felt that part of Nintendos problems since the gamecube era where actually Partly due to Saturo Iwata. He focused to much on party games experiences, and needles innovations instead of more engaging experiences with its know IP's

I was more talking about the butt stuff, but sure, I guess that too...

Biggest nerf to a character ever.

Wed Jun 13 18 04:31pm
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Don’t ruin this game, Nintendo. More butts and boobs for everyone! And Mario nips. It’s gotta have Mario nips.

Mario nipples and Snake butt or we riot!

Snake went from 2018 white girl booty in 2009 to 2001 white girl booty in 2018...

Thu Jun 14 18 04:52am
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Sorry, to get Ridley in the game some things had to be sacrificed.

The butt and the boobs were put to good use I guess…

Thu Jun 14 18 07:02am
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The lighting in that stage might also prevent the normal mapping from showing the shape.


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