Panic Button says they're "in demand for extremely high-profile projects" on Switch, also interested in doing original titles

Panic Button has been involved with some big projects on Switch. They're handling Wolfenstein II, took on Doom, and also brought Rocket League to Switch. This has lead to the company being requested for some other big Switch titles, and also gives them room to work on original games, according to Panic Button general manager Adam Creighton.

"Nintendo Switch is a fantastic device for us, and we have expertise that very few studios have. So there's a lot that makes sense for us to do, and we're very in demand for extremely high-profile projects. But we're also known for our high-end development work, our 4K work things like Xbox One X and PS4 Pro—we did the 4K update for Rocket League, for example—so there are things there that people are very excited about us doing. So you'll be seeing us doing a lot of contract work on multiple platforms, but also some new original properties... sometime."

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Wed Jun 13 18 04:59pm
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Let's hope one of those projects is Nier:Automata... I really want that game with me everywhere I go.

Wed Jun 13 18 07:05pm
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Same here. The game is coming to Xbox so I see no reason it can't come to Switch.

Thu Jun 14 18 12:06am
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I'd love for Nier:Replicant/Gestalt to come along with Automata, too. Honestly, it should be ported to all current consoles (and PC) so everyone has another chance to play the first NieR (either as Papa Nier or Brother Nier).

[edit] Oh, and Automata was developed by Platinum. They seem to already be pretty familiar with Switch hardware (they handled the Switch ports of Bayonetta 1+2 themselves, and are working on Bayo 3 currently). They could probably port Automata themselves, but it'd be up to Square-Enix to want it to happen. Yoko Taro had expressed interest in getting it on Switch, as well.

I think Platinum would be perfectly capable of porting themselves. In fact, they said that they would be fully willing to do so, Square Enix needs to want them to do it and fund it though,

Great news for all of us, since Panic Button did a really good job on Doom. And great news for Panic Button, that just their knowledge and experience with the Switch can keep them well-employed.

Always happy when fellow devs get great opportunities like that. :3

If it's a game it should be on Switch

Thu Jun 14 18 12:37am
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let's hope they learn how to do 60FPS. Their Rocket League Port was fantastic even in handheld so I hope they do more of that instead of 30FPS stuff like Doom and Wolf II.

It's not that they don't know how to but rather it's that the Switch can't with the games ported.

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