Daemon X Machina - Recap of details from the Treehouse Live segment

Nintendo provided a good look at Daemon X Machina, the mech title making its way to Switch. This was our first round of in-depth, juicy details on the game. If you missed the segment, you can check out a recap of details below.

– Can customize avatar
– Character designer worked on Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates
– Male/female avatar
– Face, hair, eyes, eyebrows, makeup, scar/tattoo customization options
– More options in the final game
– At your base, you can customize your avatar
– Mechs are called Arsenals
– Mech designs worked on Armored Core and Macros
– The more weapons you collect, the more you can have on display in your base
– Empty mech platforms in the base are for multiplayer
– Console in the base lets you access missions, also acts as AI and gives you help
– Customize your own Arsenal with equipment
– Main character part of a mercenary group
– Sometimes go on a mission alone, sometimes with other members
– Player been given a test if they are capable of piloting the Arsenal towards the beginning of the game
– Mission starts when you enter the barrier
– Can play in the air or on the ground
– This mission has tanks controlled by AI
– In this world, AI are the enemies you fight
– Shoot enemies, blow up buildings and have them fall on enemies
– Different items on the map you can use
– Can pick up a car and throw it
– If you blow the car up next to turrets, you can play them up together
– Drone enemies in the game
– Red rocks are fragments of the moon that fell down onto the planet
– These Arsenals are powered by energy trapped in those fragments
– No humans in enemy Arsenals
– Enemy AI live by hacking other machines like them
– Can defeat an enemy and pick up equipment from them in real time as you fight
– 5 icons at the top of the screen, refer to body parts
– Even if your body part is destroyed, can take it from an enemy or take weapons
– Can get graffiti that lets you change the color of your Arsenal
– Time displays on the screen lets you pick up stuff on the map before the mission ends
– Results screen when the mission ends
– This screen shows rewards acquired and more
– For Arsenal, equip right weapon, left weapon, shoulder weapon, auxiliary, right lylon, left pylon
– Can register an Arsenal loadout
– Team put a lot of focus into the art style
– Put a lot of thought into the title, taking inspiration from Deus Ex Machina
– Based on how you can play, you can be a demon or god
– That also inspired the title
– Second mission shown: protect the city and clear out enemies
– A lot of different enemies
– Might be better to use a certain type of weapon depending on the enemy
– In this world, everyone evacuated underground to escape the enemies
– Boss battle in this mission after defeating enemies
– Boss fires missiles, but can shoot them down
– Also attacks with a sword
– Can land on him and fight the boss that way as well
– Full game will have English voice cast
– Space pilots come to help you out with this boss
– Character steps out of the Arsenal and walks around after the boss is defeated
– Can do other things when walking around that will be discussed later

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This is my type of game. I enjoyed watching this segment on the Treehouse and look forward to this game's release.

Anyone have a link to the video segment?

Wed Jun 13 18 07:00pm
Rating: 1


It's not my video

Thanks buddy. My interest in this has Sky rocketed!

This game looks crazy fun.

I cant believed people say this game looks bad/boring, is one of my hightlights along FE and of course, Smash.

Also, giant mecha amiibo when?

It's Macross (not Macros)… what the west knows as the first part of Robotech.

Kawamori and Kozaki sounds like a great team to me. Looking forward to it.

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