Nintendo has new games to reveal for 3DS "over the next number of months"

Nintendo didn't make a mention of the 3DS at E3 this year, leaving many to wonder if anything new was coming to the platform at all. In an interview with IGN, Reggie Fils-Aime confirmed that more new games are on the way, and they'll be revealed as the year rolls on.

“We're going to continue [focusing on the 3DS], we're going to continue to have some new games on that platform. We're going to announce [them], and we will over the next number of months, but it's going to continue to be a vibrant piece of our overall business, certainly here in the Americas.”

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Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

One of them's probably the rumored Virtual Wario Land remake.

PLEASE MAKE THAT HAPPEN NINTENDO! Wario land needs a lot of love!

I hope so. That's the one reason I'm even remotely interested in the VB. Plus, with its 3D capabilities, I have a hard time seeing a better console to make it for. It would be a perfect fit!

I find it a real shame that they never put out a Virtual Boy Collection on 3DS.
It would've been the perfect opportunity for Virtual Boy games such as Wario Land, and Jack Bros to get the love and attention they deserved.

Let the past die. Kill it if you have to.

Tue Jun 19 18 02:02am
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Honestly, if the 3DS is still making them bank, why kill off a good thing?

That said, it would be great if they continued to release 3DS games on the Switch as well, like with Sushido and Captain Toad.

That way everybody wins.

Much like Sony's extended PS2 support, 3DS is not gonna fully go away until sales drop to the point where the platform becomes unprofitable. No real new games are coming out for the platform and the few first party releases since the Switch's launch have been remakes, ports, or lower budget titles all made by either external devs or B teams.
People should stop panicking about 3DS's continued (life) support.

This is why you had nothing but Smash at E3, Nintendo...

Not sure how much extra dev effort there’d be but it would be cool to see some new 3DS games that also release on Switch. That way those with a Switch can get them there and those that don’t can pick up the 3DS version.

Both use ARM so it leads me to suspect making a game that runs on both should be very feasible.

Tue Jun 19 18 07:02am
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The time and resources going into this thing could have been spent on making actual games for Switch...

Tue Jun 19 18 08:12am
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I like how people are complaining about this when the 3DS as essentially been getting filler titles. Samus Returns and Pokemon US/UM were the last major games on the 3DS. Everything else so far has been lesser titles, ports and remakes. The only exception is Wario Ware Gold which is a compilation of old + new micro games. I really doubt Nintendo is losing much resources creating these titles...

Shhhhhhhh! Logic has no place on the internet!

They could be using these resources to port Ambassador Certificate to Switch.

While it makes sense to do so if the system and its software are still selling, I just can't go back to 3DS after playing on Switch! It would take quite the (new) game to get me to go back to 3DS to play it.

I really do feel Nintendo should make these games for Switch instead of 3DS or AT LEAST make 2 versions like Captain Toad and Sushi game. The first half of this year for Switch has been pretty baron besides Mario Tennis and Kirby. A bunch of Wii U ports with barely any new content in them (Tropical Freeze, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Bayonetta)...Games like Mario Party: Top 100 (though kinda pointless now that we have the superior Super Mario Party on the way), Metroid: Samus Returns, Luigi's Mansion, and WarioWare: Gold could've helped alleviate this 6 month Switch drought we're going through at the moment.

While yes these 3DS games I listed are all remakes/compilations they're also all old enough to feel fresh again IMO with a new coat of a paint. I'd much rather have an HD remake of Luigi's Mansion for Switch than a port of Tropical Freeze with nothing added but an easy mode. People say these titles coming to 3DS are
"low budget last ditch cash-ins" I'd argue there's been more work put into these 3DS remakes than any of the almost straight ports of Wii U games to Switch...


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