Nintendo says Switch Online will use their mobile app for an "online lounge" for voice chat during online play

Coming from Nintendo's most recent shareholders meeting...

I'm not sure if this is different from what we have right now or not. The wording makes it seem like paid customers will have an online lounge through the app that they can just jump into and talk across any game, rather than there being a specific channel for each game you play online.

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Nintendo continues to be painfully deaf to their fans just to be different.

I've been a fan of Nintendo for nearly 30 years and I couldnt care less about voice chat. Voice chat on every other system is usually a mess filled with vile. I don't blame Nintendo wanting to be different to avoid nasty children.

Come on, Ninty!!! Drop the app. Fortnite hasshowef it's not needed!

I thought the app was fine, because I thought it was the only option. Now, Fortnite has come along and done standard VC through the console. There's no excuse! What the fuck are they thinking?

I actually don’t think having a phone app for this kind of stuff is inherently a bad idea if they do it right. I just don’t think they’re gonna do it right.


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