Octopath Traveler street date broken and leaked online as well

Well here's a double-dose of bad news for Square-Enix. Just a couple of days before Octopath Traveler launches, the game has had its street date broken by multiple retailers, and someone has also leaked the game online. Obviously the street date news is upsetting for Square-Enix, but no big deal. The leak of the game is a much larger issue. No word on what the original source of the leak was, whether it's tied to a retail copy that a retailer sold earlier, or someone in the press going rogue once again.


The fact that we have to be concerned about piracy before official releases on Switch only 1.5 years in is absurd. No more off the shelf parts Nintendo!!!

Wed Jul 11 18 04:38pm
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These weren't exactly "Off the shelf" parts.

And not even the fault of Nintendo directly, this one was Nvidia.

Also, maybe places like Square really should start enforcing those penalties for breaking street date.

No they were. They are literally just the normal X1 with a slight clock modification. No changes to the silicon.
"And not even the fault of Nintendo directly, this one was Nvidia." Nintendo was the customer, and the one who would fund any changes. If a change had to be made, Nintendo is the one who had to ask for it to be made.
"Also, maybe places like Square really should start enforcing those penalties for breaking street date." They do, every publisher does, but also Nintendo DISTRIBUTED the game in the West, not SE, and they have very strict penalties in place.

The leak could have come from someone with a review copy, that is what caused leaks last year, and why NoA is so much stricter on embargoes now. I am scared this will lead to even less time for reviewers, and less reviewers getting games.....

Wed Jul 11 18 07:53pm
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I agree that it was stupid for Nintendo to not use a custom chip but remember that they were in a rush to release new hardware after the unexpected failure of the Wii U.

They used custom hardware for Wii and Wii U and both those systems were hacked easier than Switch, and hacked in a way that couldn’t be fixed or patched.

That's just has Nintendo rolls. lol

If they started development in 2013 as they have stated, then they had a good 4 years to make the system. They didn't rush development because they started making it so early. If they had rushed it, we would have seen it in 2016 to fill in the massive Wii U gap.

I guess i don't understand what is meant by "street date"? Does that mean the release date? We've known that for a while now

The retailers get the game early, but they can only sell it from the street/release date. Now, one of the people that got the game early because a retailer didn't comply with the street date has released the ROM online, meaning that it's available for piracy before it's even out.

Ohhhhhh, yeah thats pretty terrible

Well this sure sucks major ass. But I think we will be a good bunch who purchase this game. Hope so anyway...

I love Switch games and am always trying to increase the size of my library and I never even DREAMED of hacking my Switch. Surely there is a vocal but relatively small number of Switch owners who hack their systems.... Right? RIGHT?!?!

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