Square-Enix says Dragon Quest XI for Switch is still "quite a ways off"

Square-Enix is currently taking questions from fans about Dragon Quest XI for an interview with the dev team. One fan on Twitter took the chance to ask about the Switch version, and Square-Enix offered up the following answer. Not too much of a suprise considering what Square-Enix has been saying so far, but you do have to wonder just how long we'll be waiting.

Thanks to Dakhil for the heads up!


Tue Jul 17 18 09:16pm
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I've waited this long for the localization, it's no big deal to wait a little bit more Smile

Don't worry, it'll totally be out in time for the Switch 2.

Wed Jul 18 18 12:27am
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They should hire panic button for the port.

Yet doesnt address the 3DS version.....on whether not gonna bother, or just releasing it along side the Switch version, perhaps with more features that connect the two versions together.

I thought it had been confirmed months ago that the 3DS version isn't leaving Japan?

It could been, may missed that, not sure...but even still...would be sweet if they released them both at the same time...was wondering if that is why 3DS version isnt coming,out in September, cause Nintenod always brought and published the series over here.

At this point, I'm just glad that it is still coming to Switch at all.

3 years on and some proof its coming would be nice...

Dragon Quest Forever anyone?


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