Inti Creates CEO would love to remake Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

I would absolutely LOVE to see this happen! I love Zelda II, especially because it's so different from all the other entries. I'd be super interested to see what Inti Creates could do!


I'd rather DotEmu do it than Inti Creates. Wonder Boy was something else.

Sun Jul 22 18 05:52am
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Wonder Boy remake was developed by Lizardcube, not DotEmu.
If anything, DotEmu will fuck it up, considering their NEO GEO ports on Steam.

I’d love for Zelda 2 to get a second shot. I’m not a fan of how it was executed but I think it had some good ideas.

holy crap yes!

and throw in the FOUR Zelda 1 quests using the updated SNES visuals from the BS games.

Sounds like he wants to do a sequel, not a remake. After Link Between Worlds, that could actually happen too

If they did something like Blaster Master Zero that would be best. It used existing assets and kept to the main plot loosely while refining and modernizing abilities and gameplay.

Sounds good! I don't care if it's a remake or a sequel. I'm in!

Why are people interested in this one of all? The combat in this game is horrible and often repetitive.

I don't think it was horrible, just different from the rest of the Zelda series.

Generally, sequels in nes games were inferior to their prequels and this game is no exception. Too many strong enemies, lack of checkpoints, pointless life system and tedious grinding make this quite unpleasant.

I'll give you that it's different..different enough that it doesn't earn a Zelda title unless the remake does it better.

Sun Jul 22 18 02:01pm
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I'd definitely go for a new game in the style of Zelda 2, not a remake.

Yeah, definitely. Inti Creates is excellent at capturing the spirit of 8bit games while modernizing them and making them a bit more accessible. I'd love to see what they are capable of with Nintendo's guidance.

Let them do it, Nintendo! Fans would love something like this while waiting for the next big Zelda adventure.

I'd love to see them do this too! I though Blaster Master Zero was great and I'd like to see them give Zelda II similar treatment!

Mon Jul 23 18 01:39pm
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If I were doing it I'd:
-Have enemies drop rupees & hearts like in traditional Zelda games
-Have shops in towns where you can buy things with rupees instead of just having obligatory freebie health and magic healers in each town.
-Falling in pits/water/lava would return you to your last safe platform with hearts removed instead of a death
-Remove the whole lives system. Starting back at North Palace each time is pure tedium with no gameplay benefit. The life system makes later palaces an enormous ordeal to get to, and you have to hope you didn't randomly take too much damage along the way to the palace, because otherwise you might as well just reset.
-Get rid of weird one-offs like slashing your sword under a table in a particular house to find a missing item.
-Replace and rename some of the spells. Like the "Spell" spell that gets used just once to reveal a hidden door on one screen. That should be renamed or remade into a magical item, and it should be useful in more than one situation. Reflect spell, Fairy spell, and Thunder spell need work as well
-Have shield spell last for a timed duration rather than just until a screen transition. Better yet, make it an item, like a tunic upgrade.


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