Super Smash Brothers Direct Announced for August 8th

All aboard the hype train

Breaking news from EVO 2018: Nintendo just announced a Smash Direct for August 8. You will able to tune in at 7AM PT/10AM ET/15:00 BST/16:00 CEST.

I'm personally pulling for a Shantae announcement!

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Sun Aug 05 18 04:56pm
Rating: 13

Yes I want another Smash direct.

Oh **************************!

Sun Aug 05 18 04:38pm
Rating: 3

Nice job Nintendo! Totally looking forward to this! Likely a new character announcement paired with new features. Really hope that they bring back a Subspace Emissary-like mode.

Sun Aug 05 18 04:39pm
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Well I guess we are getting a Direct in August....

...just not the one I wanted...

(obviously I know they could easily do a main one or a mini later in the month, August is just starting, I just saw good "comedic" "potential")

Simon Belmont for Smash!

Sun Aug 05 18 04:44pm
Rating: 1

Exactly, he would fit right in with the others. I'm also pulling for King K Rool, Banjo & Kazooie.

Announcer voice:

Nintendo almost announce the best news when I am not on the Internet

August 8, 2018... 8/8/18... Octoling confirmed for Echo Fighter!

Absolutely lame. People honestly want another Smash Direct so soon after E3's? Does Nintendo not have anything else this year that they feel confident showing for those who aren't diehard Smash fans?

Sun Aug 05 18 04:56pm
Rating: 13

Yes I want another Smash direct.

I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt as A. We are getting it over with now as supposed to deep into fall and B. We could still get something later in August or September, if they had enough announcements ready now that they would be willing to hold a Direct, some of that should have been at E3. I would not be shocked if after this E3 was received worse than last year, Nintendo got some of their partners to get a few announcements ready earlier than planned, and we might still get a main Direct earlier than normal, but I feel like expecting an early August one was a bit too much for us XD

I mean, no, they don't really have anything else worth showing unless you want a Mario party direct. Pokemon does it's own thing of course.

I'm excited, but a little surprised it is only Smash focused. Was expecting that around early Nov


Paper Mario
Rex & Pyra


J-Pop Chrom
Captain Toad
A Pokemon from a game that isn't even out yet


Another Fire Emblem character.

Really surprised especially since we haven't hit the two month mark yet. Someone one on Smash Boards mentioned an E3 06 like reveal trailer and I honestly don't think my heart could take that. Hoping for at least two new characters though.

So glad I like other rational thinking prow knew that this was gonna happen as August usual is when Nintendo does after E3 Nintendo Directs and the Online is next month too. I welcome the news and eagerly await surprise game reveals too.

I think Nintendo will launch the Nintendo Switch Online with a special Direct next month (detailing all of it features and some games that benefit from the service to be released later this year)

Sounds about right. Since I'm expecting the thing to launch at the end of the month.

Sun Aug 05 18 05:21pm
Rating: 6 (Updated 1 time)

K.Rool and Dixie better be part of this direct...

Sorry, but I think Luigi, Link and Yoshi already meet Sakurai's "green characters" quota.

Oh, awesome! Time to work out the Australian time, haha.

And here I thought E3 was the smash direct

It was. We're just getting another one less than two months later.

Am I the only one NOT expecting any more characters?

It’s a “greatest hits” version with 1 or 2 previously unreleased “tracks” (aka Ridly and Inkling)

I expect this to showcase the returning modes and maybe a single player mode.

Oh, there are definitely more characters.

No more new characters and the re-appearance of a bunch of old characters I don't care about was my worst-case scenario for the new Smash Bros., so I hope you're not right.

Sun Aug 05 18 07:45pm
Rating: 4

Oh boy. As if E3 didn't focus on Smash enough.

It didn't. Come on Sakurai, show me those new modes!

Didn't we already have a Smash Bros. Direct at E3? Oh no, wait, that was their E3 presentation. ;)

Anyone expecting this year to be anything other than the Smash Year is in for a rude awakening.

Then what was the point of doing an e3 direct that had like twenty minutes of smash in the first place?

Mon Aug 06 18 01:21pm
Rating: 1

I already don't get the characters I want so I just don't care, especially after hijacking E3 with it.

How about some other games Nintendo?

Just out of curiosity what characters are you pulling for? Are they all 3rd party or something?

I've been praying for a playable Krystal ever since Brawl, and now she's finally revealed... as a damned assist trophy, so that's my biggest hope wiped out.

I was also pulling for playable Midna, preferrably with Wolf Link, but she's also an assist trophy... again.

Mon Aug 06 18 03:23pm
Rating: 1

Wow, both of those characters were ones I really wanted, too. It's kind of a shame they didn't make them playable earlier, because the further time goes, the less relevant these characters become. And it's a shame.

Ahh..okay yeah I was on the Krystal hype train for the longest as well. Me personally I'm just glad she's in the game at all honestly. After her being left out of Zero I was afraid Nintendo was gonna pull a "King K. Rool" with her and try to banish any character that was created by Rare.

I was never on the Midna hype train unfortunately love the character just never wanted her or desired her in Smash Bros. As someone who has been wanting K.Rool since Melee and Dixie since Brawl and has been constantly denied by Sakurai/Nintendo I do feel your pain. But hey at least I got Wolf back and Ridley so even if neither of them make it (I will still be disappointed) I can still find fun in this game.


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