DOOM Eternal confirmed for Switch

Looks like Bethesda really does plan on bringing more support to the Switch. Today at Quakecon 2018, the first gameplay footage of Doom Eternal was revealed, alongside the confirmation that the game is coming to Switch. The video above features the gameplay footage, but we don't have any footage specific to Switch. I'm sure we're not going to see that until much later.

Thanks to pkflash and Nintyrift for the heads up!

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Fri Aug 10 18 03:09pm
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I think we mean... Nintendo is Eternally Doomed

Fri Aug 10 18 02:13pm
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Footage is hella not gonna be representative of the Switch version.

Good on Bethesda for the continued support

Great I love playing the first one on the go.

Oh it's so much fun.

Fri Aug 10 18 02:19pm
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Guarantee it's also confirmed to be half a bloody game on cart.

So... what you are saying is... the Nintendo Switch is Doomed?

Original Joke do not steal

Don’t you mean Doomed....again? ;)

Fri Aug 10 18 03:09pm
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I think we mean... Nintendo is Eternally Doomed

I’m a dumbass for not seeing that :D

And you won the internet for today! =)

Must copied Nintendo joke (ever)

See, I was gonna say it sorta like that, but then I derped and messed it all up and now I am ashamed of myself. D:

... either way, amazing news! Very glad it'll probably release with the other versions.

Bethesda strikes again! Can't wait!

This is great. It’s also the definitive end result of why you see a lot of games get ported to Switch. Bring a establish modern classic to it ASAP with the hopes that if it does well, you bring the next one to Switch on launch. Doom ticked all those boxes, and I can’t wait to play Eternal on my Switch.

But will it come day and date as the other consoles though? I will definitely pick it up whenever it releases on Switch.

Sadly it'll likely be in 30FPS and nowhere near as tight to play if the first game was any indication. Still, if this is a day and date release, I'll be truly shocked and kinda happy to see a major AAA game getting Switch support when the other systems do, even if it arguably isn't the best fit (Still wanting 3 BFG on Switch due to it including Doom I/II)

Fri Aug 10 18 03:11pm
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But the armchair industry experts on this site told me no third party took the Switch seriously and that no big third party games were coming to the system!

Glad to see the Switch get love from major publishers and prosper despite all the negative nancies on this site that want to see it fail for some reason.

I doubt anyone (or at least, the vast majority) on this site WANT the Switch to get no 3rd party games - they're complaining that it isn't (or else, complain that because it's "underpowered" that third parties won't port games). The very fact that so many people are excited (and surprised) that it's coming to Switch seems to support the fact that by-and-large, third parties still AREN'T porting a most of their AAA games day and date to Switch (it doesn't happen that often, unfortunately). Here's to hoping it happens more and more!

Awesome!! Can't wait!

Fri Aug 10 18 04:48pm
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Nintendo really have to parner up with Panic Button so more 3rd party games will hit the Switch like this!

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