Super Mario Party - Preload live in Europe, file size revealed

For those over in Europe who plan on going the digital route for Super Mario Party, you'll be happy to know that the game is available to preload right now! That means you can get most of the download data today, and you'll only need a tiny bit once the game goes live. You'll need to clear out 2.7GB on your Switch to download the title.

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I'm confused, is this game coming out sooner in Europe? I thought this was an October game and they are talking about preloading already?

Tue Aug 21 18 05:53pm
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Nintendo is doing it like this to dodge the EU law for refunds. There is a window open which allows companies to not do refunds for digital products by stating they don't have to do it for digital content if the user has started downloading it. Nintendo is exploiting that by offering these preloads that make no sense, so technically the user has started downloading the digital product even though they can't use it for anything.

This is the reason why Norway is moving against Nintendo and tries to get them to abide to the intention of the law. Most likely Norway's push will end up pushing a small change to the law to close that window and stop future anti-consumer practices around it.

I didn't think Nintendo would be so scummy as this. Thanks for the details, I was never going to do this myself as I rarely even prepurchase let-alone predownload any games, but good to know.

What are they at? Are they that desperate to secure peoples money before they cop on? The game's not out until October. They've some neck as well to charge £50.


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