RUMOR - most games automatically opted in for Nintendo Switch Online's cloud saves

The following comes from a source, who spoke with Nintendo Life about Cloud Saves on Nintendo Switch...

All existing games will default to “enabled”. I specifically asked Nintendo about that and had that response. If a dev/pub wants an existing game to not support it, they have to ask.

When submitting a game, you are encouraged to enable cloud save. You have to have a good reason to not support it.

Reasons to not support it are generally based around preventing a user abusing it to cheat in your game. I can’t think of anything beyond Animal Crossing being too concerned about players rewinding their saves, but some games that give a random weapon drop, for example, might want to also prevent rewinding.

This system is something we've heard before ourselves, which adds credit to the idea of the opt out request. Which games do you think won't support it?

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Fri Sep 07 18 08:32am
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I like that people were so negative about optional cloud saves in previous news when it seems it won't be an issue at all.

Off-topic, but I still wish there was a way to transfer BotW Wii U save to Switch T.T

Moral of the story: People should wait for details before throwing fits.

I have been saying that all along. Just wait for the info and then whine.

Hmmmz. This just hit me though. Isn't there something missing from this site lately?

This makes perfect sense, thankfully. Probably like with 3DS's local backup with games like Pokemon XY-onwards, AC New Leaf or Zen Pinball

Still makes me nervous that games like animal crossing and pokemon won't have it, when they are the ones that need it.

I think you're okay here. Personally think there is 0% chance any first party Nintendo games won't support this feature.

Well, looks like Splatoon 2 and pokemon won't :p

Yeah, that was definitely disappointing to see..

I can imagine some free-to-play games with in-game purchases like Pokémon Quest won't support it either. Stuff like Fortnite probably won't support it either.

I imagine that games like Pokémon would have their own cloud save feature that prevents cheating somehow.

Fri Sep 07 18 03:26pm
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i can see xenoblade 2 not supporting it t0o,,,,cause how it saves wg=hen using cores..

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