Minecraft: Bedrock Edition gets support for dedicated servers, but not on Switch

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition just got an update that we recently detailed, but there's one notable element missing from the Switch version. For whatever reason, the Switch update doesn't include support for dedicated servers. This is confirmed by a Mojang FAQ.

Anyone playing on the bedrock editions will be able to connect to the server, with the current exception of Nintendo Switch users.

We don't have any idea why this feature wasn't included, nor do we have info on whether it will be implemented in a future update.

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I'm not disappointed by this, I don't use servers that much.

You use servers every time you connect to the Internet.

Yeah for connecting, but for Minecraft servers i rarely touch.

This news just further cements the fact that Nintendo Online is terrible. So we are paying Nintendo to use Peer-to-Peer (P2P) still? What is this Limewire?

At least limewire gave you some "extra features" on you computer lol

Bwahahaha.......... <---- character minimum

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