Nintendo Direct Announced - September 13 at 6PM ET/3PM PT

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Wed Sep 12 18 10:28am
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Can't believe there are still people who are mad/upset about the direct being canceled last week due to a natural disaster that killed people.

Wed Sep 12 18 10:13am
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I'm sure no natural disaster will happen on that day!


Wed Sep 12 18 11:05am
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Instead of making fun of it you should better think of all those people who fell victim to the earthquake.
Shame on you!

I’m not sure, but he might be referring to Hurricane Florence, which is slated to slam into North Carolina tomorrow. Looks bad, there 80+ feet waves, 140mph winds and it’s slated to slow down for a few days once hitting landfall, making endurance harder.

Wed Sep 12 18 01:59pm
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Pretty much nailed it. Japan's not the only one that's getting some disasters, nor are we.

Yes, there are natural disasters worldwide, but the event was canceled BEFORE somebody knew about Hurricane Florence, so what do you want to tell me?
Nintendo even stated that they cancel the event because of their typhoon.

If an American company would cancel their event because of a natural disaster happening in America it would also be understandable (well, for most of us!).

Wed Sep 12 18 04:09pm
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Yes, there are natural disasters worldwide, but the event was canceled BEFORE somebody knew about Hurricane Florence, so what do you want to tell me?
Nintendo even stated that they cancel the event because of their typhoon.

Several problems. First off, the event was cancelled over a earthquake; creating a devastating landslide. They did not mention the typhoon. Second, it's not about a event being cancelled before knowing tragedy would strike. The aftermath of a earthquake was sudden and could not be predicted by any means. Even when measured, it would still be impossible to warn people or predict that a large amount of soil would come tumbling down towards their homes.

But with this hurricane, we know it's coming and we know when it's going to make landfall. People are going to lose their homes or possibly die out of stubbornness for ignoring the warnings. Some are even struggling to evacuate, especially those with animals at their side.

And finally, what happened to the "video games can wait" thing people have been quoting? Cause for video game fans in North and South Carolina, they have to follow that advice more than ever.

EDIT: In response to your other post, my first comment was a jab. A dark jab, but it's pointing out that even though they delayed a event that was out of anyone's foresight in a landslide disaster, they chose to release the Direct on a event that we DO know a disaster is coming.

With so much happening here right now I made a mistake. Yes, it was because of an earthquake, my fault.
You actually don't have to tell me what's happening in case of an earthquake with landslides and so on, as I'm one of those affected by this one.
Actually there are earthquake warning systems here in Japan, so earthquakes and possible aftermaths can be predicted, even just for some minutes.
But again, what do you want to tell me?
I commented on a in my opinion tasteless comment (joke) about Nintendo cancelling the event over an earthquake which they've been directly affected by.
Then you tell me that there are terrible disasters worldwide. I know that, so what's your point?
Again, Nintendo responded to a huge japanese earthquake by cancelling their event and I highly understand and respect that.
If an American company would do the same I would respect that too.

I commented on a in my opinion tasteless comment (joke) about Nintendo cancelling the event over an earthquake which they've been directly affected by.
Then you tell me that there are terrible disasters worldwide. I know that, so what's your point?

The point is Nintendo's choice of date and response towards their disaster and our's. It is COMPLETELY understandable that the Direct was held back after the landslide. I'm just wondering why not earlier or later? Why on Florence's arrival, when the southeastern area of America is going to be focused on preparations and not video game announcements? Whether for American companies not having the respect Japan does or through a business decision, it's not the best choice of a schedule for this.

I didn‘t say that American companies lack the respect japanese have, but said that I‘d also respect the decision if an american company would cancel their event in case of an american disaster, which I think they would.
The decision to show it today was made a week ago before anyone knew of the hurricane.
That it’s on the same day a hurricane happens is a unfortunate coincidence.

The decision to show it today was made a week ago before anyone knew of the hurricane.
That it’s on the same day a hurricane happens is a unfortunate coincidence.


He may have been referring to Hurricane Florence, but in my ears he sounded like he'd make fun of Nintendos decision to cancel the event because of the Japanese typhoon and belittle the disaster which happened there. It would be nice for him to clarify what he meant.

If you mean the hurricane Florence...that's in the US. For Nintendo is Japan first and foremost.

With all all the news that came out last week, I hope they got at least one major surprise to reveal.

Wed Sep 12 18 10:18am
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Smash is all but confirmed to be featured.

In all likeliness the majority of the news that came out either wasn't in the direct, or took up max a few minutes. I would have to think third party ports weren't the big announcements.

The only big leaks were Civ, the Megaman demo, and FFXV, and that was 3-4 minutes tops. There should likely be a lot left.

Wed Sep 12 18 10:28am
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Can't believe there are still people who are mad/upset about the direct being canceled last week due to a natural disaster that killed people.

Minimal sense of perspective + maximal sense of entitlement. Shocked they didn't at least have the sense to pretend not to be so petty, selfish, and small in public.

I don't think they ever confirmed that. I've heard talk that it was probably due to one of the games being featured in that direct. People have just been assuming it was due to natural disasters as far as I know.

No, they put out a statement saying it was delayed because of the earthquake. But that's a nice load of hogwash you pulled out of your hiney! Lol

Wed Sep 12 18 11:21am
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Actually, that's just what I had been hearing. I hadn't heard of any official statement. People can be misinformed. I never presented what I said as objective fact. Calm down.

Wed Sep 12 18 11:52am
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Thanks for actually taking the time to genuinely inform me. I'd much rather have this kind of response rather than someone just being a jerk.

*Edit - And I'd also like to point out that I'm very understanding as to why Nintendo would decide to delay the direct. It was clearly well intentioned and was great way to raise awareness of this event. Even if any official statement did miss my radar, it's not difficult for me to see why they would postpone it.

So, once again thank you for informing me, rather than more or less pointing and laughing/ending on a snarky comment like wobblebobble did.

Calm down, he says to me? I don't think it's fair for you to be so wounded when you basically just confabulated an entire fictional scenario out of whole cloth and I merely chuckled about it. I see why it makes you feel a bit silly, but I didn't mean anything hurtful by it, just chuckling. But your overblown post-response ain't even worth a couple chucks. It's alright, duder. Deep breath and all that.

Wed Sep 12 18 05:23pm
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Whatever, It's not really worth dragging this on. see ya and have a happy life.

I'm mad at the earthquake.

I know, right? Bunch of ungrateful butts!

In related news: Nintendo also announced the online services launch date. 9/18 with a 7 day free trial.


Looking forward to what they have to announce on 3ds. Not much looking forward to the Switch online service stuff, unless they reveal dramatic improvements.

Wed Sep 12 18 11:15am
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This is not a rant but a question that still boggles my mind.

From a pure business perspective the delay makes no sense:

  • The direct is not live but pre-recorded and edited.
  • Timing of new information about upcoming products is important and sometimes very critical. A natural disaster in one region of the world of a global company should not stop it. In a way "The show must go on".
  • Some surprises may have been spoiled already, so the impact of the direct may overall be less than stellar. Many now have lowered their expectations of something big in fear of disappointment.

This does not mean that Nintendo should not show solidarity to the victims in Japan. The company can help the people and at the same time keep business as usual.

Because promoting fun when over 1.000.000 people fell victim to one the worst typhoons in over 75 years would be considered highly inappropriate. I also don't think it's only because of the recent typhoon but also all the the other natural disasters shortly before (floods, earthquakes, etc.), were people are still suffering.

In the human perspective, it does make sense. It would seem inappropriate. I am stating the business side of things.

For a multi national company, This would mean that Nintendo would have to do this for every country it has offices on (USA, Europe, Australia) in order to keep consistency and too many disasters can slow the company prospects. Doing it in Japan alone after this would not give a better image in the long run.

You can't really just separate the business side from the human / emotional side though. If Nintendo went on with the Direct as scheduled it likely would have been seen as callous, especially by many people in Japan. That could hurt their reputation and damage their image which can directly impact the business by decrease in sales and interest in the company.

It usually seems to me that within a business, even things that don't seem like business decisions usually are. For example, when a business donates to a charity, they get promotion and exposure out of it and also generate good will and positive feelings towards the company.

I'd imagine it's less about whether they could show the direct and more about showing solidarity with Japan by willing to withhold information that they could release.

It's more a show of a sign of respect and less of the Earthquake actually preventing them from showing it.

Wed Sep 12 18 11:47am
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Stopped reading at the second bullet point. That one region you say is the second most important one for Nintendo sales-wise, and it is also their native region. If their people are not able to see it, it would not be fair to show the direct to the more "fortunate" people who were not impacted by 2 natural disasters at the same time. So, you're defending the indefensible here.

Wed Sep 12 18 12:27pm
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"Fairness" and business rarely follow the same path.

I am not defending anything or saying that Nintendo's decision was wrong. I am just raising questions looking for rational, not emotional arguments to why they did that when other global companies follow the "show must go on" when news can help them grow while showing solidarity at the same time because they created a "home" in other regions besides their hometown.

If Nintendo was only a Japanese company (NOA and NOE never existed) it is perfectly rational to do what they did and postpone the direct.

It shouldn't be that hard to accept that a company is willing to make a decision based off of the human fallout of a tragedy, even if it isn't favorable to their bottom line. The cons you listed were undoubtedly weighed by the Nintendo execs before making their decision, but the fact of the matter is that they made it. I'm not sure what you're trying to unearth here.

Wed Sep 12 18 03:35pm
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It’s just a sign of respect thing.

I can’t name other examples of the top of my head but I’m almost sure that other similar things have happened where companies have deferred something because it unexpectedly clashed with either a natural disaster, major accident or terror attack.

Apple today had their usual September event. They’ve had it on September 12th last year also, September 7th, 9th and 10th in recent years as well. But never have they scheduled it on September 11th. That tradegy was 17 years ago but they still won’t schedule their event on that date out of respect.

Business are made up of humans. The stereotype of the faceless corporation isn’t really true a lot of the time. You might think it’s cliche or naive but some (not saying Apple is definitely one of them) companies do try to operate with human decency and fairness in mind.

As Iwata may have said:
Please Understand that we delayed it as respect for they harmed by the earthquake

Na, na na na na na na na na, na Katamari Damacy!

Wed Sep 12 18 01:44pm
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I’m hoping to see gameplay footage of Grandia and Grandia 2 HD remaster

Hum excuse me sir ?
Is this a thing ???

What the f*ck how did I miss this !
This is awesome news, thank you so much !!!

Also reading these entries in the comment section, I also prefer the story and characters in Grandia, but it's true that the battle system in II is better. Baten Kaitos is still king though ^^

Never played the first one. So you say I should?

Sure hope they have a nice surprise for the online service. Whatever that may be.

And of course a real big game surprise. Like Platinum making Onami 2 for the Switch with Capcon's blessing. Or mabybe just a fine Bayonetta trailer. Perhaps, FINALLY, what the Hell Retro have been playing around with.

Wonder if they announce a new switch console.

Not a chance.

A new bundle yes, but a new hardware model or even revision....nope.

I get that the switch is already costly enough but why can't it happen if it improves the issues that the switch has?

Because there’s no reason to.

If you’re just taking a HW refresh to patch any security holes then yeah but they don’t announce them.

They’re not going to announce a new Switch with different/better specs and split the audience. “New” 3DS didn’t really take off in terms of games using the new power. So they won’t make that same mistake with Switch.

The main reason why the 3ds did well in the first place was because Nintendo offered cheaper versions of it. If Nintendo isn't going to do a price drop on the switch anytime soon, then they are only going to have a harder time selling it.

Also having a new version gives opportunity to the consumer so more is always better.

They’re not having a hard time selling it right now so I don’t know where you’re getting “harder” from.

Having a “New” Switch with better specs won’t be better. Again, look to the “New” 3DS. How many games released that were “New” exclusive? Not many.

Developers aren’t going to split their audience by releasing a game that half or more of the install base can’t play.

Again you still haven’t clarified what you mean by a new Switch version.
New as in better specs?
New as in just a different size with the same specs?

They may not have problems now but when they lack in big games and when you consider that Sony and Microsoft sell consoles at cheaper prices, they may have problems.

And new 3ds didn't really do anything new. It just fixed all the issues that the old models had and that's it.

By a new switch version, I mean a slight cheaper alternative that doesn't count me bundled with the console or a slight change with the battery life with a better kickstand?

Now that we've got K.Rool in Smash is it finally...

this girls time to shine tomorrow!?

Wed Sep 12 18 09:29pm
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I'd cry and finally reach the nirvana state. K. Rool AND Dixie revealed for the same smash!? Oh, I'd just ascend right there.

Dixie as a Diddy echo fighter ? That could work considering some parts of the moveset. Although she would probably be the less echo-ish of all echo fighters. I mean no guns, no jetpacks and different animations. Yeah, not sure that would work in the end.


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