Nintendo cancels tomorrow's big block of Nintendo Network maintenance

I don't know what's going with Nintendo, but I guess they're getting in the habit of cancelling things lately! A week back, Nintendo had a huge block of Nintendo Network maintenance scheduled, which was then removed. Yesterday they showed the same block of maintenance scheduled for tomorrow, and now once again, it's been cancelled! Wish I could tell you what's going on here, but I honestly have no idea.

Thanks to NGamer01 for the heads up!

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What is with Nintendo and scheduling this month?

I think the earthquake had a larger impact on the company than we realize or they would admit. I feel like the Direct tomorrow would have been held up indefinitely if they didn't have partners pushing them to do it so that they can reveal things.

I.. I mean Nintendo is based in Kyoto, unless their servers are in Hokkaido, I see no reason why this would be because of the earthquake. Maybe it messed up their schedule leading to this maintenance delay, but it seems the Direct delay was still because of respect to those affected, employees affected, or in order to help increase resources into the relief effort.

There was the hurricane that took the N off the building as well. Maybe the combination of the two is causing some issues. A lot of people heard about the missing N, but didn't hear that all customer support was down in Japan.

Oh sure the hurricane happened and it caused some issues, but they didn't delay the Direct over that, so I don't know if that is related to the maintenance delay.

Wed Sep 12 18 03:58pm
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Reading that topic title gave me a whirlwind of emotions until I got to the end of it. Whew.

About the network maintenance. It could be that the internal testing before everything goes live is having a lot of issues and may not be a stable maintenance and relaunch.so it may be a huge technical hurdle they are trying to solve

That could very well be. Combine that with all the disasters haooening iver therecould make it seem Nintendo are in a pickle these days. Might have a LOT of extra work we know nothing about.

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