Make sure to turn off Switch Online's auto-renewal option if you don't want to be automatically charged when your subscription ends

Pretty much standard practice for any company with a subscription service nowadays, which is a bit sad to see, but it is what it is. If you plan on subscribing to the Switch Online service but don't want to be charged for auto-renewal, make sure you turn off that option in the Switch Online account settings. This is going to be set to on automatically. This way it's your decision as to whether you renew the service or not, and not Nintendo's.

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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I can't stand auto-renewal. At least we have the option to turn it off. It drives me nuts when I want to cancel something and it turns out the company decided to withdraw the money early.

Tue Sep 18 18 04:53pm
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That's the worst: when they decide to withdraw money early, so even if you set a reminder to cancel the subscription they've already taken your money. So you either have to accept it or go through the hassle of calling/emailing them for a refund/cancelation. I guess having the option to turn off auto-renewal is okay, but I'd really prefer if companies just stopped this auto-renewal-after-trial practice entirely.

I agree RMC, it is sad to see. Companies should rely on selling a quality product on its merits, rather than trying to hoodwink unsuspecting consumers.

Opt-Out is business standard – mostly only transparent smaller companies act with an Opt-In option.

Don't forget the best part, autorenewal is set to yes even in the 7 day free trial, so you are automatically charged after one week if you don't turn it off.

But isn't this norm by now? Never seen an anti-virus program do it or Netflix etc. You sign up and can click a box to make a decision. Not protecting Nintendo's lackluster online "service".

I'll just need to set up reminders to get the $5 from my friends before the year is up. No biggy.

I just want Nintendo to give us grace periods on our cloud saves!

Tue Sep 18 18 07:12pm
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To me this isn't a big deal. Weren't people going nuts earlier over the fact they could lose their cloud saves if their subscription ends and they break their switch before they can renew?

I prefer auto-renewal, but I wish they asked the user to choose when subscribing.

Tue Sep 18 18 11:04pm
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While I agree that would be better, I just bought Online for the year and they made it very obvious that auto-renewal was in effect, and instructions on how to turn it off, while in the fine print, were easy to find for those inclined to look for them. It might be a hassle to take the few steps necessary to opt out, but nobody can claim Nintendo is being deceptive or making it difficult, and so long as that's the case, if I were a corporation I'd set the default to my advantage, too.

Toadette love! ❤️♥️💖 What's with all the damn complaining, you get an alert telling you when to cancel your Subscription before the year is up.


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