Bowsette searches on YouPorn grow by 5,849%

The brand new fan-made character “Bowsette” is all the internet is interested in right now, the mayhem began with a Mario comic that then inspired a huge increase of searches for the new star on YouPorn.

On Monday, September 24th searches for “Bowsette” increased by 2900 %. The curiosity for users only grew larger yesterday with an increase of 5849%.

What's the best part about all of this? There's actually two things. First off, I guess I'm officially on YouPorn's PR mailing list, as they emailed me about this just a few minutes ago. Second, their PR person ended the email with this line.

I can also answer any questions you may have.

Oh, I have PLENTY of questions, YouPorn PR person. I just have a feeling you won't actually be able to answer them!

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Now's the time for me to set up that podcast sponsorship.

Wed Sep 26 18 03:54pm
Rating: 3

Gonintendo - Youporn crossover when?!

Now's the time for me to set up that podcast sponsorship.

Wed Sep 26 18 04:01pm
Rating: 1

Go You Nintendo Porn ... wait....

congrats for being a mainstream media now RMC.

Wed Sep 26 18 04:03pm
Rating: 4 (Updated 1 time)

So I guess… The number of "Bowsette" searches wasn’t zero before?

Seriously, what's up with some people? Oh, right. Their little Toads are standing to attention. :p

So there have been about 60 searches? That doesn't seem like a lot for two days.

Stop doing actual maths! 6000% is far more dramatic.

Looks like the graph indexed the average number of searches to be 1, so the actual number of searches is obscured. But yeah, the percentage stuff is exaggerating the situation

And I thought it wasn’t going to get even seedier.

Wed Sep 26 18 04:23pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

This whole Bowsette thingy is being milked to death it's not funny anymore.

Wed Sep 26 18 04:47pm
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

People aren't in it for a laugh. I don't know how you manage to walk into a story about YouPorn without realizing that.

Who needs to search? Go to an adult site and you'll be hit with the Bowsette flood. :D

% increase is pretty useless without the actual numbers. I'd like to know the number of searches.

Does the Y axis not say it? Around 60 searches.

Wed Sep 26 18 06:11pm
Rating: 2

Don't care. If I wanted to read tabloid garbage like this, I would be on NintendoLife.

Wow, that's pretty mean for no reason.

After reading my comment again, I now see I came across as harsh, towards this site and a too serious. Sorry, if I came across as a jerk.

Thu Sep 27 18 01:56am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

While I agree with your statement about NintendoLife being garbage, GoNintendo and RMC are just having a lighthearted laugh.

Edit: And to the poster above saying:

"Wow, that's pretty mean for no reason."

Sorry, but there's plenty of reason. Take for example, NintendoLife only just this morning posted this week's Japanese charts. They came out yesterday afternoon, they're so slow with some of the news. For the longest time, they would only post partial details, I used to every week post in the comments section the full details. And that's a fact. I used to tell them that they were brutal, they eventually copied my posting style. That's just one example of how the site is terrible. By the way, below is where they finally listened to what I was saying:


After reading my comment again, I now see I came across as harsh, towards this site and a too serious. Sorry, if I came across as a jerk.

Thu Sep 27 18 08:18am
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Yeah, not apologizing for what I about NLife. That website deserves to be scolded for clickbait, low quality articles (sometimes even inaccurate guides), flamebait articles. As well as their fetish for piracy and illegal soft/hardware mods (great for clicks, even stuff linking to dodgy sites). I even remember when I was there via a different username, they would edit/remove comments that politely corrected their mistakes in articles/comments.

GoNintendo on other hand? Vast majority of stuff that is newsworthy/ even obscure esp for lesser known games, and prefer this site to get my Nintendo news.

My only issue with GoNintendo is that Rawmeat picks and chooses who/what he posts (it’s his site at the end of the day). But Did anyone see mention of Filip being a plagiarist? I certainly don’t remember ANY follow up. Or how about something other than Gamexplain videos? Raw meat does plenty of good research but if he doesn’t cover everything then it’s certainly biased.

I think RMC chose to ignore it. I know I sent him links about Filip Miucin and the plagiarism scandal. Maybe he didn't want to kick a guy when he was down. The rest of the internet was already doing that.

And I respect that, but seeing as there were multiple new stories and reports about more plagiarism linked to the initial event, he should report on it if he wants to be taken seriously. Credibility is important and if you’re skipping over things you lose credibility.

That being said, I’m not knocking raw meat, I think he does good but don’t cherry pick the news.

He did cover the Filip Mucin story on the podcast.

Regarding your comments about him cherry picking;

There are finite number of hours in the day and RMC is for the most part a one-man-band.
It is impossible to cover absolutely everything.

There isn’t a single news outlet on the planet that does or can.

He reports on far more than any other Nintendo site I frequent, definitely posts about more of the less interesting stuff. I think you are extremely off base suggesting he cherry picks or purposefully skips over stories due to “bias”.

Raw meat gets my clicks everyday multiple times a day because overall gonintendo is a good site. I just wished he’d followed up on a HUGE news story as much as he does sensational news stories. For example:


And I love to give you a comparison but I can’t even find a post where he mentioned Filip or the plagiarism. I see the original review page (with ign’s link dead) and the rereview page but no other headline mentions about the topic.

One thing to give NintendoLife credit for: they've done a great job recently of removing trolls and zealots who have no redeeming qualities and add nothing to the site. Perhaps that attitude will influence the content.

If thats the case, I hope it does result in an eradication of cliclbait/low value content, though from looking at their Twitter feed at posts about "Sony copying Nintendo" and other clickbait news that blows stuff out of proportion, from last week that doesn't seem to be the case

A finite percentage in increase means searches for Bowsette weren't zero before. Now that's the most interesting part of this story...

Eh... I'm surprised at how fast the Bowsette meme blew up. And it all started with a joke comic about Bowser putting on the super crown.

Welp, that's the internet for you.

Be honest RMC, how much of that percentage growth is from you?

Bowsette for HuniePop!

Bowsette is all good and well...

But where is my Ganondorfette?

Gerudos is Female ganondorfs


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