Famitsu no longer tracking Wii U hardware sales

While many have moved on from the Wii U, there were still some tidbits of data trickling in on the system. One of those sources was Famitsu, who was still providing weekly hardware sales data for Japan. That's no longer going to be the case, as Famitsu has decided to stop tracking Wii U sales. Their final total for Wii U sales in Japan sits at 3,303,541.

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Thu Oct 11 18 01:33pm
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Aaah. The Nintendo Dreamcast <3

I didn’t even know there were Wii U’s left to be sold. I haven’t seen one on the shelf here since Christmas 2016.

Thu Oct 11 18 10:57am
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Great console, great games. It will always be remembered. Wii love U.

At this point I believe it'll be remembered as a curiosity.

It'll also be interesting seeing how many games will stay exclusive. That'll be it's legacy.

I mean kinda like how many gamecube games or N64 games will never be rereleased for several reasons.

You know what's the funny thing about this? The Switch next revision should look exactly like the Wii U. I mean I love the Joy cons but it always feels natural having the controller that's built in with a screen.. still..maybe Nintendo should make a tablet like this for the phone market.

I definitely wouldn't want it to look exactly like Wii U. That thing is chunky.

I also don't expect them to ship a console without detachable joy con, considering they are essential for labo, mario party and 1 2 switch.

And it would remove the ability to dock, disconnect the joy-cons and play on TV.....or “Switch” play modes.

Thu Oct 11 18 07:49pm
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I don't get where people have this "Switch home only" or "Switch handheld only" BS from. The entire point with the Switch is the ability to switch. The arcade nature with the the joy-cons is also a big thing.

Yeah, yeah, yadda, yadda, the 3DS became a 2 DS with time but it was/is also a Nintendo handheld in the DS family. Should the Switch go Unswitchable?

Releasing the Nintendo Unswitchable home console with crap specs compared to the PS5. Not a sole will laugh...

It could still run those 3 games, you would just need to buy extra joycons. And Nintendo loves to make you buy extra joycons, as the design of Super Mario Party shows

I don't see them going that route honestly. Maybe at the end of the Switch's life cycle. Even then, they'd save more money just selling a switch without the dock

I still have my Wii U hooked up for the odd Mario Maker play and for when I revisit Twilight Princess and Wind Walker again.

For me it's the handful of games which I loved which will never be ported (ZombiU, Harmony of Exidus), which I loved but not enough to double dip (Guacamelee), or which I think play better on Wii U (Severed is literally the only example of this).

ZombiU was ported though.

But not to the Switch. Ports to systems I don't own don't matter to me.

I'm just saying it's already been ported in general, so it may be ported to Switch.

Thu Oct 11 18 01:33pm
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Aaah. The Nintendo Dreamcast <3

That is such an insult to the Dreamcast.

Thu Oct 11 18 07:32pm
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Not for me! But you are entitled to your opinion ;)

EDIT: Fun fact! My Wii U and DC are side by side, actually (from left to right)! Didn't even think too about that before your comment Smile

Wii u still has the newest smash for now

I wonder if they'll be comparisons. Like a niche group arguing about things done better on Wii U or something like that. It'll be bizarre if it happens.

Wha.....You know people still play and prefer Smash 64, Melee, and Brawl each, right?

I'm not judging tastes. Just entitlement about how these games must play. Like you imply, all of them play differently.

People argue that Smash Ulimate is just a port of Smash Wii U....so yeah.

Its definitely possible. I know from brawl to smash 4 that didn't really happen because smash 4 was so much better in that case

And thus ends the story of the little console that had big potential.
It's a big shame really, but as time goes on it will be remembered more fondly. I'm surprised there were consoles on the shelves 18 months after discontinuation.

The Wii U was such a cool system and even though it went through its droughts, in the end it had a really great library of games.

I still play my Wii U more than my Switch, though I expect that to finally change in 2019.

It's still not clear to me if Nintendo plans to leave any kind of legacy for Wii U. They have been having Switch feed on the Wii U's corpse for awhile now. My hope is that Switch finally moves on and creates a legacy of it's own and leaves the Wii U with a bit of it's legacy intact.


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