Ubisoft's Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle dev team is working on a 'prestigious AAA title'

With Mario + Rabbids being a big success, and now Ubisoft/Nintendo teaming for Starlink, many are wondering what's next for the two companies. Could we see another collaboration in the future? We don't know for sure, but some recent job listings by Ubisoft Milan are enough to cause some excitement.

Ubisoft Milan handled development on Mario + Rabbids, and now they're moving on to a brand-new project. The various job listings the company has posted make mention of a "prestigious AAA title" that the team is taking on. Could this be another installment of Mario + Rabbids, or something else altogether? Will this even tie in to Nintendo in any way? With the dev team's previous connections to Nintendo, there's at least some small hope!

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Make it a Wario & Waluigi game or Daisy & Rosalina game

It would be cool to get some non kiddy games on Switch from Ubisoft. And yes I know they have put out some good games but the majority is Fishing and Board Games.

“Prestigious” definitely makes it sound like they’re working on a big property again, probably with Nintendo. Maybe a sequel to Mario+Rabbids with Rayman involved, or maybe a sequel that includes a bunch of Nintendo characters outside of the Mario universe.

I hope it is another Mario + Rabbids game. I would buy it in a heart beat.

A new Mario RPG ? Using the same engine as Mario + Rabbids. I mean when I saw that game, I instantly thought of Super Mario RPG.

Of course what I really want them to do is Rayman 4 as a real successor to Rayman 2.

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