Fan-Art: Switch gets a custom 'Dreamcast 2' paint job

Will SEGA ever make a Dreamcast 2? It's not likely, but at least we can have this stopgap solution! What better way to continue your love for the Dreamcast than by painting your Switch to look like one? Okay, I'm sure there are better ways to remember the Dreamcast, but this way is still pretty damn cool!

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I really hope Sega is able to release the "Dreamcast Mini" next year. My concern is copyrights for stuff on Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio and Space Channel 5.

The could just use the product placement free versions from the Steam and mobile releases, but yeah then you wouldn't be experiencing them exactly as they were on the Dreamcast (though if they have to use an alternate version of Crazy Taxi please be the mobile version because for some reason Sega didn't bother re-upping the license to continue using The Offspring and Bad Religion for the Steam release, but did do it for the mobile version).

Seems like the Wii U would have been a better fit for a Dreamcast themed redesign.


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