Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee director hopes the game serves as a starting point for the next 20 years of Pokemon

In many ways, Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee is taking things back to the basics for Pokemon. There's some new features and enhanced visuals over previous games, but it's very clear the dev team is aiming for a title that eases lapsed fans and newcomers into the world of Pokemon. In an interview with Verge, director Junichi Masuda explains his hopes for Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee, as far as the rest of the franchise goes.

“The biggest thing I feel with Let’s Go is really hoping that it’s going to serve as sort of a base or starting point for the next 20 years of Pokémon. I really think it’s important that Pokémon continues to be a positive force in the world — makes people happier, enriches their lives through a variety of ways. But I don’t think it needs to be a consistent, unchanging experience necessarily. I think there’s still a lot of room to explore variety, not only through the main series of games but also through the more spinoff titles.”


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In before people freak out and read this as the next mainline game will have dumbed down casual play.

In before people freak out and read this as the next mainline game will have dumbed down casual play.

Tue Oct 16 18 04:41pm
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Oh don't worry, it's been happening for the past few hours already...

The internet never ceases to amaze me.

Hehe - thankfully my internet craziness is mostly limited to Gonintendo when it comes to Nintendo news.

Well these are the same people that thought that Federation Force would shape not only the future of the Metroid franchise but Nintendo as a whole.

Everything about the reaction to Federation Force as a whole was just five years' worth of pent-up bitching about Other M.

Tue Oct 16 18 05:16pm
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"Wild battles are dead"
"The day that Pokémon died"
"7 things that Pokémon must change in their next game"

Are some titles I expect to see in the coming months on youtube.

Tue Oct 16 18 06:50pm
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My nephew is between 7 and 9 years old. His first game was Pokémon Go (which was a horror game, because the boy was afraid to sleep some nights because "there's a Pokémon under his bed"). Pokémon Let's Go will be his first console game and, if all goes well, will go on to next year's game. They are right to think that way, for I am sure that my story is not rare or unusual. It's very cool to think this game will be "Pokémon Blue" for my nephew. I had about his same age when I played Pokémon Blue.

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