New details, screens, and cover art for BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition shared through retail listings

Preorders for BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition have opened up in Japan, and those retail listings give us a nice rundown of features for the game. Here's the blurb those retailers have just added to their listings.

Includes All of the Paid DLC Released for Other Platforms! – All 36 characters, system voices, and additional characters are available from the start! Since all of the additional content is included, this is a special edition with approximately 5,000 yen in savings compared to other platforms!

Handheld and TV Mode Support! Play Anytime, Anywhere! – With full support for the handheld and TV modes offered by Switch, you can play BlazBlue: Central Fiction Special Edition no matter whether you’re outside or at home! You can also play two-player battles with one Joy-Con per player.

Not Just Battles: All Sorts of Modes are Included! – A number of modes with various forms of enjoyment are included! Battle and training modes are a given, as well as other modes with a high level of additional challenges and the like for all sorts of players. There is also a story mode with overwhelming volume and production—even more so than a visual novel!

Check out more screens here


Thu Oct 18 18 09:20am
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The way they're promoting the game, it sounds really incredible, but ... not quite. In fact, there are only three characters you get via DLC: Jubei, Mai and Es (the three of them are in the cover art), the rest of the DLCs are system voices and colors for the characters. Ah, Susanoo can be bought by DLC, but it's also unlockable in-game if you complete the main story.

In summary, as I see it, if you have the PS4 or PC version, you're not missing much in not getting this version for Switch. Even more: If you've already bought the three DLC characters (the game is about 2 or 3 years old already), you're really not missing out on anything.

However if you've never played BlazBlue and like these japanese games, I must say that the story mode of this game has about 50 hours (or more). So by "visual novel" this game is already very worthwhile. And you don't need to be afraid for not playing the previous games, the beginning of the story of this game fortunately gives you a summary of the other three previous games.


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