Nintendo artist claims NST is working on an unannounced project set for release in 2023

John Lim is an artist over at Nintendo, and his resume and LinkedIn profile both make mention of an unannounced project. The thing is, we don't know if these mentions are tied to the same project, or two projects.

First up, his personal resume shows a project from NST which isn't set for release until 2023, which is a pretty long development time! A game that is 5 years off isn't unheard of, but it definitely is a pretty lengthy dev period.

Second, John's LinkedIn makes mention of an unannounced project that he worked on for 10 months. Again, we don't know if this is the same project as above, but one would assume it is.

Man, if the date is right on John's resume, we're going to have to hang tight for quite some time to learn anything about this! I have NO idea what it could be, but I'm sure smarter people out there could put something together.

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Can't wait for more Mario v. Donkey Kong

Mario v Donkey Kongs: Minis take New Donk City! Coming to Switch in 2019 for the low price of $59.99

Why not Donkey Kong V Mario for once?

Crosswords Ultimate with 5 Million puzzles. Since NST are banished into doing low budget Mario VS DK games or other small projects, unfortunately

Yeah, NST doesn't always have the most exciting projects. Still, I'm guessing John is going to be given a talking-to on Monday about not hinting at unannounced Nintendo projects on his professional materials.

Super Mario Run 2: More Mobile Edition

If, lets just say hypothetically NCL did decide they wanted to let them be an actual studio again, and they are working on a massive big budget title, there is no way they would be able to specifically guarantee a 2023 release 5 years ahead of time...

A sequel to Retro Studios unreveal ”game” before it even out

Good to plan ahead

NST is still a thing? I had no idea.

Wonder if they could do any OS development for the next console?

Project Hammer is back.


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