Nintendo officially hiring for the next Legend of Zelda game

Here we go, boys and girls. We have official evidence that Nintendo is working on the next installment in the Legend of Zelda franchise. While we're sure work has been underway for quite some time, Nintendo is now looking to bring in some fresh faces to help create Link's next adventure.

Nintendo is looking to bring on a 3DCG designer that will be working on terrain/topography for the gameplay field and dungeons. Nintendo has a list of requirements for the position, but they specifically request that the person signing up has an interest in the franchise itself!

The second position they're looking to fill is for a level designer. This person will plan game events, the field, dungeons, and enemies.

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I love it too, Enthopy. One of my favorites.

Tue Nov 06 18 07:10am
Rating: 3

Well, dungeons are back, Using the Wild engine and all I hope they are "dynamic" in the sense that they don't always seem as dungeons (at first at least) and you keep the freedom from BOTW. I don't want the next game to go back to linear stuff.

Skyward Sword was a mistake.

Is it the Zelda series’ Other M?

Tue Nov 06 18 08:22am
Rating: 5

We are all entitled to our opinions. Personally I love it.

I love it too, Enthopy. One of my favorites.

The actual fact that you could weild the sword was worth it. But the story, world, music, atmosphere... It hd some flaws as all games do, of course.

Tue Nov 06 18 09:05am
(Updated 2 times)

The biggest problem of SS and BotW are one the same.. The endgame really does not fit the game/story, and is lacking, it doesn't really feel complete. Which of course is a let down after spending many hours of getting to know the game and world. Of course there was great stuff as well to enjoy : )

I disagree. Skyward Sword repetition of each of the three areas make it tiring to progress, especially when each time the new problems they present like losing equipment or flooding the forest area feel like busy work.

The end game with the dungeon referencing the classic tile dungeons and the final bosses are great showcases of the sword combat. Also the ending credits medley is very good.

BotW is mainly the journey not the destination, that's good.

BotW is mainly the journey not the destination, that's good.

The journey was good indeed, but the destination is important as well.. A game that gets better and better until you get really blown away by the endgame, thats what a Zelda game should aim for I think. BotW did this the other way around. I suspect it scored more or less only 10/10's because reviewers wanted to judge the game instantly and only really played the beginning of the game.

With Skyward Sword the biggest problem I had was Demise, it was so out of place, I felt it didn't really fit in the game. This Demise had no character at all, just like the last bosses in BotW completely lacked character.

Tue Nov 06 18 05:07pm
Rating: 1

Demise had more character than Calamity Ganon (which is a force of nature than a character). I suppose if we count the Imprisoned and him as the same character there's more to him. I mean the Imprisoned is what kickstarts the plot and Demise is technically putting a voice to that creature, though one could say Ghirahim is his passive voice as he's technically part of Demise.

All in all, at least Demise is the final test of the concept Skyward Sword set. It's one of the only bosses that demands the use of the shield and while one can memorize his pattern he packs as much damage as Ganon did in OoT.

If the imprisoned and Demise were ment to be the same character, it should have been more clear I think. Ghirahim was a lot better developed as a character. Maybe it would have been better if we saw him being merged with the imprisoned and he became Demise. With still some of his typical characteristics and narrative in there? The fight with Demise was quite good, but the surrounding should have been changing and more interactive or something, it felt boring and apart from the game in the end. So although I liked Ghirahim as a character, I thought Demise to be a char that only aimed to impress us with his looks, which wasn't enough for me.. I think Ganon/dorf in OoT, TWW was a much more interesting character, and so those games came together much better in the end. Anyway...sigh : D

Yeah my only negative about BOTW is the lack of dungeons. The Devine Beasts were good but there wasn’t enough of them or similar dungeon style locations. And they were a bit short. But still very fun and interesting.

I’d like to see the number of shrines scaled back and have a few more deeper dungeons included.

Tue Nov 06 18 08:21am
Rating: 1

I agree. But then again, the world was in the game is so exciting I still find oddities here and there... And that "complete dark island" is like a dungeon in itself. But they just HAVE to keep the "I can go anywhere whrn I want to" part from BOTW. Do NOT make it linear. Not in such and open, vast world. Like finding memories, rather than letting the story progress as before. It gave the game a very free feeling. Oh, and better bosses!

Agree. I love that world. A bit more variety in enemies would be nice too.

Oh yes! Correct. That department really needs more work.

I'd love to see the dungeons more naturally incorporated into the world, not just underground labyrinths. Could do some interesting stuff with having to go outside and do something.

Yeah, they've been in planning for the sequel since before the release of BotW I'm sure... and active development not long after.

Tue Nov 06 18 08:03am
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I just hope they make a game like Majora's Mask. Using the same engine and parts from the old game and make an new game in only 2 or 3 years.

Perfect would be:
2017: Breath of the Wild
2019: New game based on BotW
2021: Remake of a older game (Skyward Sword maybe)
2023/2024: Complete New game
2025/2026: New game based on the game from 2023
2027/2028: another remake
and so on.

That is one very weird picture, a sequel to Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword would be awesome.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Aonuma also working on a new IP alongside working on the next Zelda?

I'm fine with fewer main dungeons but I wish you wouldn't be guided by the story in order to reach them, I want the satisfaction of finding them by exploring the world.

I'll like if maybe you had dungeons being story based like the ones in BotW. But also having dungeons that you just find like in the original Zelda. Something like going through a forest and finding some ruins that lead to a bigger structure.

My main criticism is that I'll like them to improve the combat. Since in the end I just used dual handed weapons to combo big enemies. Though I suppose most issues I have is that most enemy types are humanoid-like and not creatures with a gimmick.

There was actually a post in may that said they were hiring

Breath of the Wild "Open Air" design with Skyward Sword level creative dungeons would be great n my opinion but maybe they'll surprise us with something different

Tue Nov 06 18 01:23pm
Rating: 2

As much as I love Breath of the Wild, I still believe A Link Between Worlds is a better game. I hope the next one borrows more from the latter

I wish they make a game like Phantom Hourglass or Link's Awakening.

Of course, I know I'm the only minority because those games are my personal favourite Zelda games.

Links Awakening is soooooooo good!!

Tell me about it. The story, the level design and the modest difficulty is what I love about it even the visuals are appealing. I'm glad Nintendo released it on vc else I wouldn't be able to play this game.

Also, I hope they make the next game top down.


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