Smash Bros. Ultimate - blog update for Nov. 8th, 2018

Today's Item: Yuri Kozukata Assist Trophy

The protagonist of the Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water game is now an assist trophy. If she gets you with her Camera Obscura you'll be paralyzed for a short time, so watch out!


I wish she were a playable character. I'd love to see how a horror game protag would work. They'd have to have some kind of big risk big reward/small risk small reward mechanic.

Fri Nov 09 18 12:13am
Rating: 2

Today's Item: Yuri Kozukata

Tsk! That's some heavy objectification of women here! :X

(That's a joke)

Fri Nov 09 18 03:31pm
Rating: 2

I REALLY hope this garners massive interest in Fatal Frame causing Nintendo to put the series on Switch and make a new one.

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