Activision does not have 'any other platforms to announce' for Spyro: Reignited Trilogy 'at this time'

The situation with Spyro: Reignited Trilogy potentially appearing on Switch is so confusing. It seems like something Activision would bring over, but nothing has been officially announced. Even Nintendo UK's online store had a full listing for the game, which was then yanked shortly thereafter. Is the collection coming to Switch or not? Here's the latest statement Activision offered up.

We're excited that even more Spyro fans will have the opportunity to experience the franchise on PS4 and XB1 platforms. We do not have any other platforms to announce at this time.

As you know, whenever a company says 'at this time,' it usually means something good for the future. We'll just have to cross our fingers for that being the case this time around.

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Then when they finally release it on Switch, they'll say the franchise is dependant on how successful it is ok Switch.

I don't understand why a Switch version isn't being announced?

Probably the same reason Crash wasn't announced for Switch till much later. I'm guessing paid delay.

Tue Nov 13 18 01:37am
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It sucks, but if those rumors of "only Spyro 1 is inside the game disc/cart" are proven to be true, I'd prefer to wait all I like, as long as an eventual Switch retail release has everything in one place.

(and besides, I still have the PS1 versions of the games ready to boot :*> )

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