World of Final Fantasy Maxima has a weird resolution issue on Switch

Here's a first for a Switch game, as far as we know. World of Final Fantasy Maxima has an issue with switching resolutions between handheld and docked modes. However you start playing the game dictates the resolution the game will stay at. If you start in handheld mode and then dock your system, the visuals on TV will be that of handheld mode.

In the GIF above, you see what the game looks like when docked first, as well as what the game looks like when playing in handheld mode and then transferred to docked. The same goes for docked to handheld, as the game will retain higher quality visuals from docked mode when you remove the Switch from the dock to play handheld. The only way to fix this issue is to restart the game.


I don't get it with the Docked to Portable Resolution. If they planned a resolution for handheld, wouldn't this issue damage the system on handheld mode?

I noticed this and kept it in docked resolution while playing on the go.
It's nice.

Noticed any performance issues doing that?

So far with me playing, not at all.
Plays fine.


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