Site Update: Hide Blocked Users Without Being Logged In

Hi people,

GoNintendo has a nice feature: The foe list

This list allows you to block/ignore user comments. While browsing the site, you will not see any comments from users on that list, they will not be able to reply to your comments, and they won't be able to send you PMs. But, there's just one issue (for some). The list only works if you're logged into the site... until now.

While editing your foe list on your profile, you will now find a custom launcher URL just for you:

While not logged in, you can visit the site via that URL. A cookie will be set that will give the site just enough information to load up the foe list for you. You'll still be logged out and unable to comment or do the normal stuff that you'd be able to do while logged in, but all comments on your foe list will be automatically blocked. For those who prefer to visit the site not logged in, I recommend using that URL as your bookmark.

The cookie is supposed to last for 30 days, so technically you only need to visit the url once... but I recommend always using that URL to visit the home page if you do not plan on being logged in as session screw ups happen and the cookie may become invalid.

Reminder about the foe list:
- You are not able to foe RMC or nintendaan
- You are not able to foe moderators such as cortjezter
- While I do have admin powers, my account is not part of either of the above two groups

Have a happy non-denominational winter-related holiday!


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That's horrifying. I didn't want your constant stream of Nintendo news spam clogging up my GoNintendo feed =P

Comment Reported!

Wed Dec 19 18 05:44pm
Rating: 1

People have been asking for this for some time now. It's good to see that you are all listening. I know I can think of a few users who were wanting this feature.

I don't think this was necessary, it was just some people being overly precious, but hey, whatever, they've got their wish. Hopefully they're happy now. I thought the previous block list worked perfectly fine.

Wed Dec 19 18 06:29pm
Rating: 1

I thought the previous block list worked perfectly fine.

You and me both

I never saw anyone on GoNintendo who was so horrible you'd want to block them to that exttreme. Unless they were some sort of horrible obnoxious troll or bigot. And I'd assume they'd be banned if that was the case.

It's just simple disagreement that can't find an end. Nothing really personal, just can't help myself when I see certain comments and at this point, outta sight, outta mind.

I only wanted to block your comments. I don't really dislike you. Just hard to explain so it's best to block and leave you in peace.

Wed Dec 19 18 06:30pm
Rating: 2

You can hide away my comments, t27duck...


But can we block Yoshiller?

Wed Dec 19 18 08:52pm
Rating: 1

I wish I could add Fortnite as a foe for my life.

You can block it from the site if you're logged in. You can filter specific games.

That's a start at least.

It's been real. Thanks for fixing it.

Now we can finally block those fascists spreading their socialist propaganda.

Thu Dec 20 18 01:17pm
Rating: 1

I don't get the point with this blocking issue. Don't like someone's opinion then just ignore them. But then again it seems like people really like it...

The blocking function also disabled the blocked person from replying to your comments so it has value there.


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