Nintendo wants to know what games you're looking forward to for a future Nintendo Power podcast

Nintendo is looking to hear from you guys about the games you're most looking forward to in 2019. If you have something to share about an upcoming game, hit up Nintendo with a reply through the Tweet above and share your thoughts!

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That's a tough choice. Everyone on Twitter is saying Animal Crossing and I'm tempted to join in. I'm going to have to go with Luigi's Mansion 3 on this one though. I know it looks like 2 again, but I haven't lost hope.

Daemon X Machina and Fire Emblem Three Houses are what I'm ready for. Animal Crossing is up there but I want to see what direction they take with it before I get to excited.

Animal Crossing for sure. Levelhead as well, I hope it turns out great.

Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem Three Houses, and Pokemon Gen 8

Tue Jan 22 19 08:58pm
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I'd have an easier time deciding if you gave us a Nintendo Direct, hint hint.


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