Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster EU cover art updated with 'download required' banner

Man, we could have avoided the last couple weeks of speculation if Square-Enix just put out this cover art right from the start! Just incase you haven't been following along, you can now see that the retail release for Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster includes just Final Fantasy X on the game card. You'll have to have some room on your Switch to download X-2.


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I like it. In fact, I think it needs to be more hideous. It's a scarlet letter, alerting the potential consumer to cheapskate publisher practices. For me the banner functions as a simple 'Do Not Buy' sticker, and it works.

Mon Jan 28 19 08:53pm
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So why is Japan and East Asia getting it on a 32GB at a standard price? Did Nintendo drop the prices of the carts? Also will those versions have a different menu to select, or will it come up as two different games? Similar to how one of the Ubisoft Board Game Collection has 3 separate icons

Another ruined box art and botched physical release. It's possible that Square Enix wanted to avoid the negative publicity for as long as possible. I said back in September when they were announced that this was going to happen. I don't get why Japan and Southeast Asia get it complete on cartridge but the West doesn't. And it's not just restricted to 32GB cartridges. Bayonetta 1&2 did this, so did Capcom with much smaller games, we didn't get Mega Man physically in Europe. Maybe Square Enix are worried that it won't sell as well here.

Mon Jan 28 19 09:19pm
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The cost of manufacturing carts at that density has gone down, but even then you need to consider far more factors like the price of the actual game vs the price of putting it on a 32GB cart, and the price of shipping those carts to that region, then you also need to take into account the sheepishness of consumers in that region and how willing they are to take that from a company.

That box art is fine, that isn't art, it's packaging for a product and nothing more, if it were art game developers would care more, or maybe even care enough to stick a sticker or a second insert so that the original cover is maintained.

Another one to import then.

Do Asian versions have English subs and/or voice acting?

It is currently unknown for this one as far as I know, however Asian versions tend to have them and in fact Japanese ones too when it comes to worldwide simultaneous releases like Mega Man 11... or of remakes of older games or ports from other consoles that were already translated to begin with. See Okami Hd on Switch for example, or the Mega Man collections, or I am Setsuna. All of the aforementioned had English language support on the Japanese cart. I think considering FFX and X2 already existed before and were already ported numerous times, they will have support for English text at the very least.

I don't mind the download, but it's not ideal. It's a bit more annoying when they've already shown that they could do it on the one cart, though.

Nintendo should give the option to allow games to require an always online connection for games such as this. I LOVE anti-consumer polices, I really really do.

But yeah, ordered the full physical version off Play-Asia.

I guess this will be very helpful for Play-Asia.

Why don't publishers just add a paper sleeve?
Hopefully it has a reversible cover.


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