Square-Enix grabs trademarks for Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy Adventure, Mystic Quest, and Slash Field

Square-Enix just went on a mini-trademark spree. The trademarks include some recognizable names, as well as one that seems to be brand-new.

Over on the European side of things, Square-Enix has grabbed new trademarks for Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy Adventure, and Mystic Quest. We have no idea what Square-Enix plans to do with these titles, but it seems something is stirring for these classic titles in Europe.

Over in the United States, Square-Enix filed for a trademark on Slash Field, which is a mystery as of right now. The only other detail we have on Slash Field is that Square-Enix grabbed a trademark for the same name in Japan awhile back.

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Please keep in mind that Mystic Quest is the European name for the game called Final Fantasy Adventure in the US. It's the first game in the Secret of Mana series.
Not related to Mystic Quest Legend.

Could also be that they're just renewing them so no one else can nab them under their nose.

Trademarks, in Europe anyway, last only 10 years and have to be renewed tobe kept past those 10 years. Maybe those were gonna expire if they didn't, but they may not necessarily plan to do anything specifically new with those.

All of these are coming to mobile, is my guess.

Best case scenario: SNES games added to Switch Online app and these games are the earliest ones from Square.

Worst case scenario: shoddy mobile ports (Square's history of mobile ports hasn't been the best).

I hope this means Seiken Densetsu Collection being released in Europe with finally the 3rd part officially in English too.


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