Man arrested for selling counterfeit amiibo cards

Is selling fake amiibo cards worth going to prison for? A 35-year-old man is about to find out, as he was picked up by Taiwanese police for selling counterfeit amiibo cards in Taipei, Taiwan. 6,850 fake amiibo cards were seized from the man's home, where he was selling each card for 52 cents each. We'll make sure to keep tabs on this situation and see how long the man ends up serving.

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Amiibo cards of "Smash Bros." were never produced by Nintendo, so I wouldn't call these "counterfeit."

True. Technically it's not counterfeit as it's not intended to be passed off as an official product or meant to otherwise deceive.

But it's still counterfeit "in spirit" (if that makes sense), since it emulates all the Amiibo perfectly in everything but its physical shape.

I'm mostly surprised by the price he's selling them for! I can find NTAG215 cards for like 20 cents each at the cheapest, and that means I'd still have to print the image on them and write the data to them. This guy's profit margin could not have been huge...

Here in Mexico there are some groups dedicated to sell "counterfeit" amiibo figures and cards, the latter are more common, though. I once saw a picture of a figure of the Super Mario Cereal and cards for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

I buy these all the time from China, good to have a portable back up of my figures. Nintendo just left money on the table not producing these, especially Pokémon.

I feel sorry for him. I don't condone counterfeiting or piracy in general, but he was providing a fair priced alternative service that Nintendo aren't. What about people that want to pay for the content they unlock but don't like amiibo or don't want a whole pile of clutter?

I bought a pack of the Zelda cards for BOTW(it cost less than €20 including delivery), as I wasn't going to spend literally 100's of Euros to unlock all the content within the game.

Some of the amiibo aren't available for purchase anymore or you've to pay a scalper a fortune, and for what, to unlock just a weapon or costume that was already in the game but locked behind an artificial paywall? No thanks!

I do have a good few amiibo, including Link, but I'm not buying any more of them as they're not worth it.


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